Thought Galaxy

Another site for people to post stories in. Now I shall rant at great length upon it!Rawr!

This thing seems to have been set up as a non-censored alternative to FFnet. Why does this mean better? It’s gonna be [/i]worse[/i], because now there’s going to be nothing stopping the racist/sexist/whatist morons that Xing keeps out of our pastime from giving us their bigoted views. Worse yet, it seems that (according to the e-mails I’ve got) the only reason this was created was because the webmaster/mistress (whose entire FFnet account consists of Digimon fics) was thrown off FFnet for something. It stinks of a small kid setting up a rival club to the one he wasn’t allowed to join. was set up as a more ‘caring’ version of FFnet, without seeming to realise it’s impossible to act friendly towards a database of thousands of writers (and we all have experiences with what large amounts of semi-literate peeps act like towards webpage-managers). has been through stuff like this with their users before, and proven that they don’t care.

If Xing doesn’t care, why is he even doing this in the first place? He’s using time and energy to keep up a site for exclusively other people, with little payback. FFnet may be steaming pile of tweenage angst-crap dotted wit priceless gems, but it’s our steaming pile of tweenage angst-crap dotted wit priceless gems, and I’m not moving now.

I don’t know why I wrote this, except it seems just wrong that fanfiction could be anywhere else but FFnet. Meh. Comments?

It seems to have promise, even if it is small and not growing particularly fast. It’ll have a hard time getting established, though. And non-censored? Jeez, that is not going to help it’s cause one bit. :-/

That rumor ain’t true about how it got started. I read a story by the owner in He’s Nique and he’s in college. So it ain’t a kid and the webmaster doesn’t even like Digimon. But I’ll admit one thing, it really isn’t that great. Don’t know why Nique made the site since he hardly ever updates it so I agree with you on one thing. But then again, I’m not to sure if Nique is the official owner of the site so who knows really. Who really is the owner of thought galaxy anyway cause if that Xing guy really did that it’s pathetic in truth.