Those veira (FFXII) are pretty hot

I’m not much for bunny women (wait, yes I am) but damn… Anyone know of any sites about them?

Go away. - It’s dot-com


BAH. Stick with Capcom and thou shallt get catgirls. Katt and Felicia, for two.

(Or catboys. Plushiee… Rei :kissy: )

CatgirlResits the urge to Glomp “2000” (See BN Vs Yar)

I don’t think i’ve played with non-human characters before. Might Buy FF:TA.


You’d like the Mithra in 11.

I’d have to go with the cat girls of capcom…for obvious reasons

oh, but I do.

cat demi humans rule!!

:moogle: mog woman are hot to!


mogs have genders?

:moogle: shutup!!!

mog women? :suckah:

Sure there are mog women. Like in FFV when you dress in a mog suit to seduce one and get some cool item. Unless moogles are all homosexual. Although, since there isn’t any apparent difference between male and female, does it matter?

oh now i remember girl mogs are pink.

you see one when you beat the mog house game in ff7. :moogle: