Those godly tarantulas

Hey folks, I haven’t posted here in so long. Still have the same 3 tarantulas. Seems I’ll be having their company for a good while… say like 30 years or more !

For once, I’m not drunk, yay !!!

I’m not sure if I ever posted a picture of my closet where I store my spiders.

So, at the top shelf, I have some funny looking spider decorations.

Middle shelf is all my 3 spiders.

The small part at the bottom has all my various books, dvds and cds. Anyone with a good eye can make out my FF6 and FF7 soundtracks :wink:

Here’s a picture of each.

First off is Fluffy, my Mexican Fireleg. Had her for about 2 years and a half so far. She is now a 4" beautiful beast :slight_smile:

Second is Ginger, my Mexican Redknee. Had her for almost a year now. She is around 3+". She is looking good !

Last but certainly not least is Sam, my Mexican Redleg. Had her since April. Still around 2".

Will I be getting more ? No. I have no room and no desire to get more. These three were what I was aiming for since I started keeping these over 3 years ago. My, how time goes O.o

…The first thing I saw were those spider-like decorations, and they phrase “godly tarantulas” took on a whole new meaning for a second there.

So who’s the guy in the paper? Are we looking at a Dragon God? And are you a Pasty Clive?

Actually it’s fake webbing that they are standing on :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s me in the paper :slight_smile: I was interviewed about my hobby and was all too happy to share with the world :slight_smile: Pasty Cline ? My dad loves her music. I don’t mind it myself, but I’m not big on country music tho.

Are the bottom two going into molt soon, or are they just not as vividly hued as the Fireleg? :o

Your spiders are awesome, dude.

I have one question for you. Can you let them walk on you? Can that be done?

No molts yet, but they are due for one. They’ll be quite vibrant once again after a good molt.

Thanks man ! I really like my Ts. I could handle them if I wanted to, but don’t due to personal choice.

Though I do see that you yourself have molted your previous spider avatar in favor of a new one.

Yep, it’s actually a picture I took of Fluffy over a year ago after her 3rd molt in my care. The other picture was taken from a website.

New pictures.

Fluffy in her hide, which is extremely rare.

Ginger just doing her best impression of a rock.

And Sam just in her hide, bald spot still ain’t darkening but she has refused food as of last feeding. It could take a while…

What’s that ?

You can’t get enough of my Fireleg ?

Here’s one of the best shots I’ve taken. Really shows the fiery red coloration on the legs nicely.

What do you guys think ?

I think those are really cool and also, I am terrified of them. But I’d also like to hold one, I think that would be really cool.

Essentially, I am quite jealous of your excellent pets.

There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. These three are pet rocks. At most, they will flick irritating hairs and then make a run for it if bothered. Biting is the last resort for them. Now that I think of it, I’ve never heard of anyone being bitten by a Fireleg tarantula. Redknee and Redleg bites are extremely rare, there may be have been about dozens of bites by these in the last forty years !! That’s how unlikely they are to bite. I just treat them like aquarium fish. They are beautiful to look at and that’s good enough for me.