Those Danged Tales of Phantasia Combos

Greetings all.

I have been greatly enjoying Tales of Phantasia as of late, but sadly have encountered a seemingly insurmountable obstacle: I can’t peform combos.

Yes, I have the Combo Command item, and I can certainly perform simple combos like Focus and Focus More, but anything more complex eludes me, regardless of whether I’m using my keyboard or a joypad.

Thus, I have been attempting to construct a set of ZSNES key combinations. Unfortunately, this isn’t working out too well either. I’ve used both methods described in the ZSNES documentation for performing clockwise and counterclockwise motions, and I’ve tried various different frame delays, but at best my key combinations only work sporadically.

A look at GameFAQs suggest someone may have already accomplished this feat; specifically, Kabouterterror’s Combo Command FAQ links to a CMB file that would in theory do the job – if the link was still alive.

So, may I ask if anyone has had more success with ToP’s combos? Has anyone successfully created a CMB file for use with ZSNES? Does anyone have that only CMB file?

you know this?
cuz this is the basic

Att-Button : Attack
Att-Button+Up : Stab
Special Button : Special 1
Special Button+Up : Special 2

The Combo Command sucks anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Aren’t four skill slots good enough already?

Are they really enough? I was under the impression that things become Substantially Easier with the Combo Command.

Hah, no. Using the Combo Command seems to be something ridiculously difficult one does in order to “master” the game, or something. All you really need are Mecha Blade, Tiger Teeth, Gale Shield, and Soul Wave/Teleport :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, you’re right! (I can defeat the Wyvern in the Colesseum just by standing in one spot and using Soul Wave over and over again!)