This will change everything.

…Well as far as pealing bananas goes.

My whole adult life… I never knew the right way to open a banana…

I was really hoping this thread was going to be about dick surgery. It ended up close enough.

I have never had any kind of problem peeling bananas. I don’t even eat bananas that often. So i haven’t had alot of practice. But I still have never struggled with peeling… peeling anything really.

Who moved the rock?

I have peeled my bananas like that for years.

me too. I guess that makes us monkeys! :runaway: << a frog, closest thing to a monkey I could find.

I open them from the stem with little effort :confused: If you can’t stem them, they’re not ripe enough to taste good anyway.

I think it might be faster to bite the stem off.

You pussies don’t eat the skin?

Most people here are a bunch of GOD DAMN BANANA PEELERS