This site will make your eyes explode

Especially if you’re a graphic designer.

This is either the new wave of the future in webpage design, or a relic of dial-up past. Either way, the horror…the horror.

(As seen in

This can’t possibly be unintentionally bad…

I’ve seen worse (well okay that picture at the very bottom was fucking hideous on a completely different level), but not by much. I recall one example in particular featuring a South American country’s news site looking like a tabloid trainwreck, but god only knows if it still exists (I couldn’t even tell you which country it was or even if that country still exists or not).

God, this reminds me of an episode of a wedding cake designer reality show where the bride to be thought the cake looked much too plain and started smearing random colors all over the poor thing and utterly destroying the cake. As the old saying goes “Being a bum with no eye for ascetics whatsoever knows no gender.”.

I’m with Sin. I refuse to believe this was done as a serious website effort.

What are ascetics?

*edit: nevermind, looked it up. Good to know a new word!

He actually meant “aesthetics”, even though bums also usually don’t practice self-denial in order to reach nirvana.

Trillian, you obviously have no sense of style.


Check out this one:

It’s our main Chinese competitor. Even if you can read this shit, it doesn’t make any sense.


This is what I get for relying on spellchecker too much and not pay attention to the option I picked.

Not like I could ever really spell well to begin with.

Hah that is funny. I was originally making that post to see if you meant to type asethetics, as I had never seen that other word before. You caught me!

Zep this looks exactly like every Chinese website I’ve ever seen.

It doesn’t matter what it’s for. Gaming, shopping, steel, news - they all fucking look like that. This one just has a few more ads than the average.

Can you explain to me why Chinese people are so bad at web design

Every site looking the same smells like copy-pasta.

My contribution to the topic: When it was launched, it was a search engine. I remember it was easily hackable and every script kiddie back then was having his bit of fun with it. I don’t know how it devolved into its current state.

I see your horribly designed sites and raise you one that removes childrens’ souls digitally for money.

Pageant Retouching.

Don’t worry, it’s not child pornography or anything. It’s just a place where they work with taking photos of real children and… well, at first glance it might not seem so bad until you realize how frightening they look. Especially when you scroll down and see the comparisons to the original pictures.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Nah, Yvette’s wins for sheer … hallucinatory psychosis. Sure, those other ones are kinda bad, but they’re not relentlessly abhorrent the way Yvette’s is. I mean, yeah, Pageant Retouching is scary, but that’s just its content; the design itself is really actually kinda okay. And I hate to say it, but I’m not willing to just assume that it’s the work of someone who actually knows better, without some kind of verifiable confession somewhere. Statistically speaking, there is someone that stupid out there, and we may very well have found them. I mean, I haven’t tried to make any detailed comparisons between webpages that were known to be the result of incompetence, and webpages that were known to be deliberately bad, but …

When it comes to creating stuff (like a website, or some kind of comic), there’s a subtle difference between malice (which is to say, deliberate-badness) and incompetence. I mean, take Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, which is the creation of someone who actually can draw and design webpages (Andrew Hussie, of MS Paint Adventures fame). Now compare it to the not-really-made comic it was originally meant to satirize. Notice the subtle differences – specifically, the faces and the eyes. Notice how Sweet Bro’s face is actually fairly consistent between the different panels (though this might just be the copy-and-paste at work), and even with Hella Jeff’s expression of deadpan badly-drawn-ness, their eyes are well-proportioned and shaped and more or less properly placed on their faces. Now compare this to the wrongness of the_Willard’s faces: their eyes are lopsided, not properly spaced apart, etc. I’m sure someone who actually knows more of the technical terminology could describe it better. But the point is that, now that Andrew Hussie is a competent artist, any “badness” he creates must be faked, and you cannot perfectly imitate badness.

And, uh, the point of that whole paragraph is that, to me, Yvette’s seems like the creation of someone who has more enthusiasm than skill, and cannot tell the difference between the proverbial lopsided-eyes/porkchop-mouth of the guy in the Holla hoodie, and the official imagery of Tycho and Gabe. There’s no telltale signs that it was deliberately-bad.

Ah, the abuse of the Heal and Clone tools. It’s like they photoshopped their souls out of their newly gleaming white eyes…and teeth. o_o

No, but it looks like it’s endorsing it. oO Then again, child pageants in general do…

Child pageants tend to endorse many things human society could live without. Mainly things like child exploitation, child labor, child prostitution, to name a few.

That said, it always amazes me at how much money a person can sink into a web site that winds up barely functioning compared to doing-it-yourself for nothing but the cost of a server and decent bandwidth.

Children in general…

Amiriteoramirite? C’mon, zepp. Back me up on this, bro.