This Should Be a New Law

My friends and I were talking once about politics and someone called Bush crazy. This gave me a new idea. It was originally intended as a joke, but it makes you wonder…

They should create a committee of the highest psychiatrists in the US, about 9 would work. The purpose of this committee would be to evaluate the mental condition of all presidential nominees. They could talk to the family and friends, find out what they’re really like, interview them, give them a mental evaluation, etc. Then prior to the election, these psychological reports would be sold to all stores willing to buy them. Everyone in the US could find out what their nominee is really like, thus decreasing the likelihood of a madman taking over. This would also benefit the economy, I mean, who wouldn’t buy these things? And if it works, why not use it on other political offices?


Some jokes are only funny in the context when you first hear them. This is probably one of those jokes. As an actual law, it’s inefficient and unnecessary. The psychological reports would be a lot less interesting then you imagine them to be, and any real, signifcant problems would be noticed by the primaries at the latest anyway.

But this would ensure those problems. Hmmm, why am I arguing over a joke?

slow sarcastic clapping… like in the Sarcastic Clapping Family

Psychiatrists are like politicians; they are easily bribed. And let’s not forget about partisanship, and stupid psychiatrists, and problems sneaking by, and…

Wait, this is a joke. Well, it’s not funny.

Are TubaMute’s jokes EVER funny?

And last time I checked you don’t get madmen running for president. You only get idiots, and morons, running for president.

Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to Bush…he’s as close as the USA has gotten to a Madman :P. And on TubaMute’s jokes being funny…no…never.

Well you are right I haven’t been paying attention to Bush lately. But in my opinion he is more of a moronic idiot, than a madman.

But hey, at least we agree on TubaMute’s jokes.

And on TubaMute’s jokes being funny…no…never.

Thanks, I try to annoy people because I find it amusing. No one said a comedian had to please the audience, look at Andy Kaufman.

Sure, don’t please your audience. If you want to be a poor and jobless comedian and I dunno who this Kaufman guy is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Andy Kaufman wasn’t poor and jobless, just disliked.


It would take away all the excitement.

And last time I checked you don’t get madmen running for president.

I concur, I think there’ve been a few slightly crazy presidents. i.e Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, JFK, and a few others, but these are the best examples.
I’m not saying these guys aren’t cool, it’s just in modern times with the threat of nuclear wars constantly, I wouldn’t want these guys in charge of “The Button”.

My favorate insane president was Calvin “Too Mad for this planet” Coolege. While in office he made it illegal for German’s to cross the street, AND ate an 100 year old victorian couch.

Even the President has a right to privacy when it comes to his medical records.

Celebrities have very little rights to any sort of privacy. And I think it should be known if the president is cuckoo.