This seems to good to be true.

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anybody has ordered from this website before, because I think it seems too good to be true.

“This is a CD only sale. All CD’s are brand new and still in the factory seal. This is the full version not a limited or trial version. As bundled software it qualifies for all online upgrades but does not qualify for technical support registration from Adobe”

Sounds like they’re bootlegs to me.

I was thinking that too, but I might still buy something from there.

Where I live we call these things “the end of the stock”. And local common sense has it that these kinds of sales only happen when A) some store needs money very desperately and B) you are being tricked into buying broken products.

I don’t think it would be A), and I don’t know how B) would apply to CD’s still in cover, but I wouldn’t risk.

Well this website has been online since 2002.

well i say…go for it…make you the guniea pig and if so…whatever…and i hafta say that your animation in your sig is very smooth clap clap

Bastards are only helping create more .pdfs

I’ll see if I can try 1 and if it works then we know that its a good site and if i can tell its pirated I could submit it to the company lol.

These programs might also be cheaper because this is a canadian company, I don’t know what difference that would make but it could make some

Woudln’t it cost MORE canadian?

Actually 1dollar american is worth almost 1.25 canadian.

Aww, and here I was hoping this was a webpage where you could buy the USA.

cough Bit cough cough Torrent cough

Whats this? Ooooh Photoshop… I’ve got that…

FUN FACT- While working at the bellevue gamestop in washington, I was told by a microsoft employee who works in the department that manages the “Anit-Piracy” website that They infact, used a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop to make the graphics for the website! How neat is that? Good times, I say.

I’ve heard that story before, only without the hearing it traight from an employee part

thats pretty fantastic…

And I have Photoshop Elements legitimately (it came bundled with a scanner my mom got)! Granted, I still didn’t pay for it myself, but … :smiley:

Ok i’m the guinea pig I ordered The macromedia studio out of it. From wht it looked like these are true copies that came bundled with computers and other computer accessories thats why it says bundled software. we’ll see if its good or not in about a week because it ships in 3 days.

I just am posting this to say that I ordered it and it works great. I just got my program today.