This Season

Because nobody else did it so far and I want to know what I’m missing.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

Timid guy lives underground. Timid guy has hotblooded friend. Timid guy finds a robot in the shape of a face. Another gigantic face-robot falls from the surface followed by a half-naked chick. Hotblood and Timid drill the fucker all the way to the surface, steal another robot, combine and rip off another mecha’s head. Absolutely awesome and I swear Lagann is the cutest mecha since the Acguy.

Dancouga Nova

Pseudo-sequel to an old 80’s Super Robot series, but it doesn’t look like you really need to have seen the older one to understand it beyond catching some inside jokes and references. Mediocre animation, characters and, so far, plot, but not too bad either. Nice enough to waste time.

Lucky Star

Ow, my brain. Azumanga Daioh-ish anime about four highschool girls. It’s devoid of any whacky stuff, so you can watch glorious scenes like a five-minute long examination of the correct way to eat Japanese food. It’s… well… uh… it’s got a Haruhi-ish dance sequence.

The reason Lucky Star has a Haruhi-ish dance sequence is because it’s made by the producers of Haruhi.

Doens’t it also have most of the Haruhi VAs? Yeah.

I was under the impression that Lucky Star was rather underwhelming.

Hayate no Gotuke! or Hayate the Combat Butler
A dilligent (and apparently indestructable) high school boy is left with a 150 million yen debt by his good-for-nothing parents on Christmas day, so he attempts to kidnap a little rich girl, but due to his ambiguous wording, she thinks he’s asking her out. After Hayate saves Nagi twice, she offers to hire him as her butler. Hilarity ensues. Oh, and Santa Claus is one of the narrators.

Romeo and Juliet
It’s kinda like Shakespeare’s play, but not entirely. Verona is a floating continent. The Montagues and Capulets aren’t warring, but only because the Montagues have already killed virtaully all of the Capulets 14 years ago. Juliet is in hiding as a boy named Odin who disguises himself and fights against the oppressive Montague aristocrats, and she’s being hidden by the character Willy (who is busy preparing to produce “Otello”).

Yeah, I heard Lucky Star wasn’t very good too. Well, Kyoani (does that have a dash?) can’t always make good shows, I guess.

Some of the other shows sound interesting though, I might watch a couple of them.

Just watched episode number 1 of lucky star. It’s…interesting. Sorta seems like azumanga and skittles mixed together, much cuter and colorful and stuff. I’m not actually sure what to think of it. doesn’t quite have the charm that azumanga had. Might follow it for a couple more episodes.

Though, the conversation on eating and cooking japanese food was…interesting. I think i enjoyed the opening sequence the most out of all of it.

One show this season that I want to watch but it’s not being subbed is Kotetsushin Jeeg,this is really making me angry you know.

Saw the first episode of Rocket Girls and it was quite good:is about a girl looking for her father ends up being an astronaut.

Touka Gettan:I still don’t know what the series is about since the series is going backwards,meaning the first episode is the ending,weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Claymore:Kinda like Berserk but with more Women.

In “Kinda like Berserk…”, you mean that it’s medieval-ish and they have really big swords, I take it. What about plot? I’ve only seen a few episodes of both series and none of either manga, but Berserk didn’t register at all when I started watching Claymore.

Claymore is what the villagers call the part-youma, part-human women who are hired to hunt down entrail-devouring monsters called youma. The anime focuses a claymore named Clare and a boy named Raki who follows her after his family is killed by a youma.

El Cazador de la Bruja
Ellis is a young girl with a bounty on her head because she killed a well-known physicist. Nadie is a bounty hunter who finds Ellis in a small Mexican town, and the two begin travelling to find a place called Wiñay Marka, where they may find answers about Ellis and her apparent psychic powers.

I’d put in a description for Darker than Black, but I’m so very confused by it. There are human-like people called contractors with supernatural abilities, and 10 years ago something called Hell’s Gate appeared which is connected with the contractors. And the stars, which are also connected to the contractors, aren’t real stars.

I would say that you should take a look at (besides a few already mention that I would have reccomended ;P):

Seto no Hanayome
A young boy named Nagasumi almost drowns but is rescued by a mermaid. Unfortunately for them, mer-law states that if a mermaid is seen by humans, she is to be executed because if humanity found out about them, one side would eventually have to be eradicated.
Her mother suggests that neither of them has to die if they get married, there’s no problem if the one who knows is part of the family.

The only complication is that her father is the leader of the local mer-yakuza, and he’s way overprotective. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a very silly love comedy with some… Interesting sea life. ^^
(Of those who have appeared in the anime so far, I really like Maki and Shark Fujishiro.)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is probably the best new show this season. It takes a couple episodes for Simon to stop being an obnoxious whiny coward, but Kamina more than makes up for that. And Yoko’s pretty cool, too.

I’ve seen the first four episodes of Lucky Star now, and it’s a bit dry for a comedy.

Seirei no Moribito aka Guardian of the Sacred Spirit
A female bodyguard known as Balsa the Spearwielder is hired by the empress to protect her son whom the emperor is trying to assassinate because the prince has been possessed by a water fiend.
Looks good, especially the fights; the “bad guys” don’t seem evil, but they don’t see an alternative to killing the prince; and to my relief the prince is NOT a whiny brat.

Wellber no Monogatari aka Sister of Wellber
A whole lotta wierd on multiple levels.
A female thief, Tina, is attempting to rob the castle when she finds the princess’ room where Princess Rita (completely naked) has just stabbed and killed Prince Gernia (half naked). One of them yells and everyone comes running. Rita and Tina both flee. The Prince’s kingdom demands that Rita be caught and executed within two weeks or there will be war. The king of Wellber, hoping to avoid both the execution and war, sends a trusted guard (Weiss) to find Princess Rita and have her deliver a letter to a the Kingdom of Greedom. One of the prince’s bodyguards doesn’t care about any of this and just wants to kill Rita himself. Tina, the thief is also headed to Greedom to find a man cursed by the Lords of Darkness, and ends up being the princess’ bodyguard.
In wierdness not directly connected to the plot, the princess knows martial arts, the thief has a triple-barreled pistol and a little fairy accomplice, and there’s a sentient tank named Count Cyrano de Bergerac.

Murder Princess
A katana-wielding mercenary and a princess fleeing a bloody coup switch bodies while sharing a near death experience. The princess then seeks the mercenary’s help in saving her kingdom by offering herself as the reward.
This one is just a six episode OVA.

I’ve also started watching The Skullman, but only the first episode has been subbed, and that’s not enough to know what it’s about.

And now I’m gonna have to try Seto no Hanayome, too.