This season

We’ve got some cool shows this season.

<B>D.Gray-Man </B>

Based on the shounen manga of the same name. It takes place in 19th Century Europe, where Akumas (dark weapons) are present and it’s up to excorcists to get rid of them.

<B>Black Lagoon 2nd Season</B>

More kickass action, first episode was pretty interesting, continues right where the first season left off.

<B>Death Note </B>

Hopefully they’ll go a different route than the manga, second arc wasn’t nearly as good as the first one. Still, this one shows promise.

<B>Busuo Renkin </B>

By the creator of Ruruouni Kenshin. Could be cool.

<B>Kanon 2006 </B>

Certainly looks much better than the previous show. This one is also much longer than the other one, so it won’t be rushed. Same studio that did Haruhi and FMP Fumoffu/TSR.

<B>Code Geass </B>

Nice designs, cool op. That’s all I can say so far.

<B>Super Robot Wars Original Generation - Divine Wars </B>

See deathstryke’s thread.

I’ll add more later.

Man, I havent followed new series months. The last new ones I was watching was Moon Phase, Pani Poni and Tsubasa Chronicle. And I never finished any of them.


Yay, same garbage without the fan service!

<B>Fist of the Blue Sky</B>

Needs an awesome opening like Fist of the North Star, and more fighting scenes. Main character is extremely badass.

<B> Le Chevalier D’eon </B>

Great start so far. Interesting plot and good animation. Music is great too, and we don’t have too much anime taking place in France. It’s by Production IG as well, so it’s bound to be high quality.


Cold war has continued for 150 years now, world is divided into East and West. Sounds interesting, but no one has picked it up.


Looks like another generic harem.

<B> Gin-iro no Olynsis </B>

Characters look like they are straight from Gundam Seed -_-

<B>Kujibiki Unbalance</B>

I’d rather have another season of Genshiken, but this should be entertaining too.


Bartending anime by the director of G Gundam?! Sounds awesome to me.