This pretty much sums up the PS3.

The PS3’s Top 10 exclusives. I mean, a year leter and these are the top 10 exclusives for the system. Ouch…although in all fairness, the Wii might not have a strong list either. The 360 would for sure though.

Thanks for the link Info, I’m bookmarking the screwattack guys. Perhaps it’s the metroid conditioning i.e. Pavlov’s bitch

First of all, lol at the video.

Are they doing one for the Wii? I imagine that would be a bit better off than the PS3, for damn sure. While Twilight Princess also has a GCN port (or rather, IS a GCN port) the Wii still has Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 3, and now Super Mario Galaxy. Not to mention an assload of party games. I’m sure they can at least come up with 10 games, which is more than the PS3 could muster.

The wii doesn’t have a lot of great titles but its good titles blow Sony out of the water.

Exclusives all around for seventh generation consoles have been pretty slow. The only reason 360 fans can claim the 360 has so many games is because the 360 is a walking third party fuckfest. Still, the Wii’s exclusives pretty much win right now. Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, and eventually Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, and Kirby Wii. There are also some games that just have awesome controls on the Wii, namely Prince of Persia Rival Swords and Resident Evil 4.

I can’t help bu see Sold Motherfucking Snake on that list. PS3 still wins.

Must be a new series. >.>

Zelda doesn’t count since it is on the GC and Brawl, Mario Kart, and Kirby don’t don’t either since they aren’t out yet. Just being fair by using the same rules for the Wii. Plus Prince of Persia and Resident Evil 4 don’t count either since they are on other systems, new feautres don’t count. Sure the controls could bereason to buy the game for the system, but that isn’t fllowing the rules they used, which are pretty fair.

I’m not even talking about the rules used in what was essentially a joke video. I figure since all the PlayStation 3 people are banking on MGS4 and FF13, it’s fair for Wii owners to do the same. New features on the Wii also make RE4 and Rival Swords more fun.

It may have been funny, but if you look at the PS3’s library, that is actually its top ten. Like Twilight Princess is one of the weakest Zelda games and isn’t exclusive since I can still just play it on the GC. Mario Kart and Kirby aren’t out yet so if you are looking for the the best stuff to buy for the Wii, those aren’t option yets. Resident Evil 4? Sort of old and on 2 other systems, same reason Ninja Gaiden Sigma wasn’t counted on the list. The key word is “exclusive.”

The reason the list is funny, but still sums up the PS3 is because even after a year, the PS3 still doesn’t have enough good exclusives to fill up a top 10 list.

Thats really disappointing, because I love Playstation :\

360 for me though, although I really fear it won’t ever have those cooler light hearted games like, say, Ratchet and Clank.

october ndp charts (released today):

Wii 519K
Nintendo DS 458K
Xbox 360 366K
PlayStation 2 184K
PlayStation 3 121K

still selling a full third less than the 360, after the second hundred dollar price drop in only a year, and the release of ratchet and clank. there is no way they’re going to release mgs4 on this thing.

wii beats them all but 99% of wii owners don’t know that WiiPlay can eject from the console so whatever :\

i can’t find these numbers on the actual npd website because its weird to navigate, but here is a <a href=“”>link</a> to the forums where i got them

You mean the top seven. >.>

And yes, I know the keyword is exclusive, but I wasn’t talking about the list. I would certainly persuaded to buy RE4 on the Wii for the new control schematics.

I’m not so sure that judging consoles by their exclusives is the right way to do things anymore. Obviously they’re still a huge factor, but there’s a lot of other variables at work in this latest batch of hardware.

360 has XBL, PS3 has Blu-Ray, Wii has a reasonable price tag, etc.

Not only that, but I’m sure there’s non-exclusives out there that are great for one platform but suck on others.

For the Wii?

No More Heroes’s coming up, too.
There’s a Destroy all Humans! game also coming up for Wii.
Let’s not forget the Tales of Symphonia sequel.

Damn it Lun, you left out Dragon Quest Swords!

That’s right, I did, because I was not sure if it was coming out in the US or not.

I also forgot NiGHTS and the new Samba de Amigo coming out.

Fire Emblem, Radiant Dawn. It’s awesome! (But harder than the previous game, as it’s a continuation of the storyline)

Originally Posted by Khalbrae
Fire Emblem, Radiant Dawn. It’s awesome! (But harder than the previous game, as it’s a continuation of the storyline)

Actually, it would most likely be easier than the previous one if not the easiest of the entire series from what I’ve heard. (It’s amazing how such a simple feature like being able to Save your game mid-battle can change things so much)

Plus, it’s the only place to find Next Gen Sonic games that don’t completely suck.

And it (could) physically embody the largest collection of retro gaming available to the general public. (Provided that Nintendo starts learning how to perfect their online offerings and storage devices as 512 MB just don’t cut it when you start eying a dozen or so NeoGeo games to download onto your system.)

At least it has Sin & Punishment, Super Lode Runner, and the original version of the Lost Levels for exclusives. (provided you don’t count the Japanese, Other Non US Countries, Remade, or Illegal versions)

Hasn’t the ps3 steadily been losing companies and exclusives? As huge of a playstation fanboy i am, i can’t help but notice how not so great the ps3 is doing.