This one simple ad just brightened up my day

Not one for cat lovers


;p Knew that was going to happen. It was amusing when it just had the cat in the headlock and kitty was trying to get away though. I’ve seen an ad from where a bird is going to land on a car similar to that one and the cars hood pops up whacking the bird dead, mwuahahha…

My kitty: ::dekar!:: and scampers off under my bed hiding from me.

Kitty!!! Hee hee …



That’s awesome.

Uwaa! Meanie! [uses Mystic Blast on Neb]

Ah, well, as long as I get to hit someone, I might as well put on these fucking ears. [WHAMF WHAMF WHAMF]

I WILL DESTROY YOUR SOUL! [slash slash slash]

Oh, and have a nice day.

<img src=“” align=center> BABOON!


Overkill much, Yar? ^^;

You want some o’ this?

You should make a gif of Yar actually firing his big explosiony energy deathballs.

claws off Pierson’s testicles

O.O :eek:
hugs her cat

I’m so conflicted, it was a great ad but the cat got it’s head chopped off ;_;.

You mean like this? [kaboom]

that fucking ROCKED

That’s it. Now that I’ve seen it… (I clawed off Neb’s balls for posting something abusive to cats)

These people are on my “To Kill List” Until they make proper contrition:

Alyx (although debateable)
Urkani (Since he was conflicted, he can get away with a simple apology)

Have a nice day, I’ll send my Gene Elimination Squadrons of hellspawned kittens to eliminate you.

Don’t believe kittens are deadly? You need to start reading Sluggy Freelance. THOSE are the kittens I’m going to be sending after you.

And you’re on my shut up list >>;
pets the kitty and shows him his new Sportka :smiley:

On second thought, I’ll just not watch that.

Dude… it’s not like it was a real cat…

Or was it?

poor cat

That’s it, I’m outta here.