This mod looks sweet

Chaos UT.
This mod is well known for the crazy weapons it present.
Broad sword, crossbow, Proxies.
Its crazy!


Yeah, it came with the Unreal gold pack I got. It has the UT G.O.T.Y edition, loads of add-ons and mods for it and the original Unreal with the bonus mission packs. I quite like the chaos mod, it makes for alot more fun.

Broad Sword does ton of damage and its fun to sneak on people with this.
The sniper rifle has been modified, but how, that a secret :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t like the new guns much, except for the poisoned arrows. Hit and run, they die in a poisoned agony. (Or just snipe them)

But where ChaosUT really shine IMO, its the new Superweapons.
Lordo, the Gravity Vortex is just too cool. Its like a mini Black Hole. whee ^_^. Place it on a respawn spot for tons of points.

And the turret… whoo! Auto Fire Rockets on anything that move. Don’t forget to recharge it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally camping = bad, Booken :stuck_out_tongue: Even worse to have a bot/weapon mod to do it for you.

Too bad, camping is part of the game, how else do you snipe in the game (yeah, running around and aiming at heads would work too…)

Tis not a sekkrit when I know and don’t mind sharing, it has 2 sets of ammo and 2 modes of fire, 1 leaves a trail but is an instant kill except maybe if you have full shield, and the other more prolific ammo bounces off walls a few times, makes it interesting it tight spaces.

Steve, camping is when someone is specifically guarding a weapon/armor/powerup/spawn spot, generally hiding. Sniping is different because you’re just firing from long-range, not necessarily guarding a specific bonus-spot or something.

Meh, I still say if you whine about camping you shouldn’t play :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not camping, it’s strategical positioning :P.

/sound headshot.wav
Gotta love it.
On CTF-Face I’m always one of those that hides in the pyramid a sniper rifle in hand and shoot random people.

Snipers are Sniper’s best and worst friend.
Since they don’t move, they are easy kills. But since you don’t move, they can kill you easily too

woot! go snipers! :smiley:
66.6 damage/shot :smiley:
CTF Face is the best map ever invented… except for maybe the SE… but yeah, sniping is so fun :slight_smile: Headshot! Multi Kill! Ultra Kill! MonmonmonmonMONSTER KILL… kill… kill… kill…


With lowly bots, maybe
But a good sniper would find you and shoot you. :stuck_out_tongue: