This is why I love the USA

This one is sure to get a few oscars. Those guys who created South Park have made a pretty cool movie called Team America: World Police. The graphics are far from crappy like their first famous cartoon. They used stringed puppets to make it, and the result can be beautiful, lame and funny at the same time. As for the plot, it’s easy enough to guess after you see the name. An organization that fights terrorism must save the world by means of martial brawling and big guns pwnage!

Go see the trailers now!

Official Site

There was an early showing here two weeks ago. I didn’t really like it, but anyone who enjoys South Park will. The humor is over the top, in your face, and vulgar; insofar as it’s that, it’s well done.

It’s been out since the 15th. You’re a bit late.

I didn’t pay attention to the date >_< but hey, I saw no thread about it, so… XD

It needs no thread.

Awesome movie, by the way.

Looks stupid, wont see it. What oscars do you think it will win, exactly?

Well that’s to be expected from any American attempts at humor. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Oscar for… uh… HUMOR!

It may look stupid, but it could be really good… and vice-versa.

Hmm… maybe best actor, to the guy who voices Cartman in South Park. In this movie he voices the president of North Korea, I forgot the name of the man.

Yeah. Cartman just plain rocks… was that the only voice from South Park in the movie?

Not everyone can manage the subtle wit of Canadian humor. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s cold CH, very cold :stuck_out_tongue:

But still funny XD

It’s either Trey Parker Or Matt Stone, since they’re the creators of South Park, and collectively do roughly 30-40 percent of the voices on South Park. correct me if my estimate is wrong.

America, [i]fuck yeah![/i]

America R0x0rz!