This is what happens when one procrastinates...

I bought a game boy sp. o_o;; I don’t know if I should have. My precious money… cries

…ahem. But I got a good deal for it on e-bay. And it’s blue. Yay. :slight_smile:

Blue? Excellent choice! Now get…umm…games. Yeah.

Ewww, I refuse to buy an SP. I hate Frontlit. I’m racist against Frontlighting.

I will, um… “share” Sin’s games. <.<

…I refuse to buy any for myself. :stuck_out_tongue: He has all the good ones now, anyway.

I can’t wait to play Phantasy Star collection ^^

Edit: What’s wrong with frontlit, Xelo? :stuck_out_tongue: Makes it alot easier to play the games.

Oh, this sounds like a Law and Order episode waiting to ravel up into a murder…

I like frontlit too, it’s great. And PSC ain’t bad but…I dunno, I like Golden Sun 2 and Lufia 4 better.

Hey, cool! I hate the GBA SP personally, due to the fact that it’s like anti-comfort when it comes to it’s ergonomics. However, GBA games rock:)

I’ve just always wanted to play the other Phantasy Stars, so… shrugs I loved PSIV.

I didn’t get too involved in Golden Sun… but that’s most likely because I was playing it while I was at court, and I was kinda stressed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It wasn’t even traffic court, Curtis. It was jury duty. o_o

Guh, traffic court sucks…

thinks about shelling out some Graduation money for a GBA

… I’ll do it later.

Also, the fact that I’ve been fondling my precioouusssss for a couple weeks now kinda got to Astral. >.> . I’m making everyone I know want an SP 8D

And I have ALMOST all the good games. I don’t have GS2, the MMBNs or CV AoS.

I like the GBA SP. It looks like a little laptop. :slight_smile:

I like it. I like being able to play in the dark, and the design ain’t too bad…except for the lack of a head phone jack.

there are special sp headphones you can buy.

I’d like to swap in my GBA and its accessories for an SP, but the 150 price tag is chasing me off for now. Saturn says he’ll take my crap off my hands for 50 bucks and then I could buy a domestic SP for only 50 dollars or so, but he doesn’t know when they’re coming stateside. But I wonder if I could get more for it off of EBay (a very little used GBA with a Gamestar backlight and a battery adapter thing).

I’ll stick to “borrowing” my kid sister’s GBA. Maybe I’ll buy a SP in the future, when I’m rich; stinking rich.

And yes. GameBoy Advance games are great.

I think I’ll stick with my GBA! graves Gba and hugs it

Xelo, you’re an idiot. It looks great with the front lighting, you’re just being biased.

150$ price tag? O_o They cost 100 in EB and Astral and I each got our sealed SPs on ebay for 91+shipping. I would take saturn on that offer Merl, the value of the normal GBA isn’t what it used to be. EB gives 20 bucks for an SP nowadays.