This is too awesome not to post

And by “awesome”, I mean postively disgusting.

I foudn this on another forum I visit and I had to post it cuz that’s…wow…just wow. O_O

Holy shit o_O

I saw the image a few days ago, and thought it was a shop. Damn. How did he not throw up after that?

Thats a fucking <i>BEASTWICH</i>.

Geez, and I thought those stupid burgers from Hardees were fatting.

Now I know how I want to die.

O_o Holy crap 30,00 calories.Thats like 20 days wearth of eating…in one single sandwich. Fuckossible X(

15 times the reccomended daily intake.

whoa that tops my friend’s sandwich that he made at metalfest!

Gross? I found it appetizing…

Would you like fries with that?

…dont answer what KIND of fries, please…

Judging by the sandwich, he wants all of them. >_>

And only two times what you eat each day.


:drools: Wow that is a huge sandwich, and it made me hungry :frowning:

That sandwich is amazing. But my god, the heart attacks he must be having right now.

Wow, lol, i live in michigan. That sandwhich is like a instant fat burger, lol.

That thing is beautiful.

I sweat grease just thinking about it.

I maybe eat 6 days worth of calories a day.

…I can’t believe McDonald’s haven’t thought of it.

I need to buy oneof these, and stuff it down my pants.