This is the new "Garbage Day"

Fight scene from the movie Undefeatable. Its IMDB page is hilarious… filled with sarcastic comments about how it’s the greatest movie ever. I’m [STRIKE]downloading[/STRIKE] legally purchasing this fine film as we speak, to find out if the rest is just as terribly awesome. Or awesomely terrible, you decide.

Bwahahahahaha! She had him dead to rights and she uses a rag on him!

Man, that is so awful.

I am a better man for having seen that.

That…is hilariously awesome.

It makes Mortal Kombat look like Enter the Dragon.

I thought it was fun until the meathook part. And those puns at the end? Argh!

“Yea, see ya!”

Unnnnggggh. Everything about that was utterly, utterly wrong.