This is so cool

Remember that game where you hit a knife on the table, avoiding your fingers?

I practiced a lot IRL with pencils. Well, I just love this sport, and I found a little online version of it.

The skill needed for this one is different, all you need is to hit the space bar in the right time. But it’s cool anyway. My record so far is 1390, playing while feeling sleepy.

Its a form of russian roulette

Wait, you’re supposed to not hit the fingers? Lousy game!

Here’s an easy way to cheat. Chop off everrything but the pinky and the thumb. You have a huge leway in between to chop at. I’m at 4000 points right now :smiley:

If you get it at the right spot, you can also hold it down and the knife won’t move. 84,000+ points. :smiley: