This is quite surprising. *WARNING Military related.

Interesting; now that’s a clear example of a guy dedicated to serving his country. No need to be in the military, but still joins. I mean, I know a lot of people who would kill toplay sprots professionally and this guy turns it down to join the military. I guess he at least died doing what he wanted to do. Quite honorable if you ask me. The half-massing the flags may be a bit much since many troops die every day and get little to no recognition, but interesting none the less.

I heard about him on the radio earlier.

His death is the reason soldiers are heros and also why we need to NOT start pointless wars.

If he was in Iraq, alright, but he died in Afgahnistan and we didn’t start that war and it isn’t pointless.

Isnt it halfmasting? And I agree, that’s a little excessive considering he was a normal (Ranger, I could tell by the tan beret in the picture) soldier, albeit a highprofile one.

Edit: It’s only on Arizona State campus as far as I can tell.

Don’t you know I can’t type?

As for your edit, it was ordered by the governor though.

Yeah but all that means the governor was a fan.