This is nearly unprecedented for us

Classes are cancelled for the second day in a row today. We’re having a snowfall rate of four inches an hour here, that and with some strong winds kicking up snow we have nearly white out conditions in some areas of campus. It’s not terribly cold, it’s just hazardous here, leaving us with our second day of classes cancelled in a row. :slight_smile:

I am in college btw.

And to give this thread any kind of meaning, how are you guys doing for snow days?

Canceled 3 in a row, went yesterday, got more snow last night. Hoping for a cancellation today :smiley:

Well I live in FLordia so the only way the snow affects me is when it snows in Va. My company headquarters are there and when it snows there, most people stay home from work. When they do that, they call in with VPN problems and we get busy as hell.

Today is the first snowday my school’s had in 3 or 4 years.


I wish it was summer… with all the grass and leaves on the trees and the warmth and cherry blossoms and people actually going outside and little kids executing their insane antics…

sigh Wish I was still little ;; Responsibility sucks ass ;; I just wanna throw dirt at my friends ;; And pokemon was a fun game but I can’t play it anymore without being beaten to death ;;

Duquesne takes some sort of pride in not having snow days. It has happened, like once in the past I don’t know how many years. President’s weekend last year, with that massive snow fall that was some ridiculous amount of snow for PA, they cancelled one day of classes.
I could really use a snow day about now. :too bad;

Well I’ve been off all week except for Wednesday and Thursday when I had to go an hour and a half each to write an exam, and then afterwards, to go home and be lazy…as I’ve been doing for a week. I love exam week when I don’t have to write half of them. No snow days here, but about three weeks ago, we had buses cancelled for three days (insert weekend after that) and then on the Monday following so yeah, it was awesome not going to school for 6 days.

Lost two days cancelled, and one day with no day classes. What that translates to is 3 days off for me, since the day with no day classes was the day when all I had was day classes.

And they expect more snow on Monday… will we get out of this and still have a spring break intact? Who knows…

Not exactly unprecedented for Oswego, but I digress.

I’m pissed when there are snow days, especially when it means I have to make up a fracking lab. >_<

Snow is bad. Especially since nothing here would close before the snow gets so deep people could drown in it.

Im sitting in study hall right now so yea, im in school.

We missed Mon-wen. because of snow. Too bad we didn’t miss today, or i would’ve had my midterms rescheduled. :too bad;

I hate you guys. It was -40 here, and there was some snow, and we had to go to school. This happened the whole goddamn week.

… I have to go to work tomorrow to “make up” for what we missed this week so we can meet all these important deadlines for the end of the month.


For my project group this whole thing is irrelevant, as our work and what goes on to be billed to our client is many times dependent upon our client. Working tomorrow won’t change our position for January or for February. Besides, if a group is behind enough because of this week to miss January deadlines, they’ve got bigger issues than snow days. It also ticks me off that only the technical groups have to be in tomorrow.

Other than that, I was great with this week. I made great progress in FF6, I won an auction on ebay, and I thoroughly cleaned my bathroom, even using my ex-boyfriend’s toothbrush to reach those hard-to-clean spots around fixtures and in the toilet.

In Washington (the state) we’ve had a few snow days. Not that it helps me any. I homeschool so I have to do twice as much schoolwork the next day if I take the day off on a snow day. So I usually just do the work on the snow day to save time.

It doesn’t snow here.

I had thursday and friday off from school thanks to the snow. And since it comes so rarely around here, I love the stuff. It’s so awesome.

Well I’m not in College right now, but Its (*#% cold over here :fungah: .

Our classes were canceled Monday due to ice. However, they tried to postpone cancelling it as long as possible as they came in at 8:30 in my Japanese class with the announcement. Too bad a lot of people I knew had already slipped on the ice, and some got hurt pretty badly.

Heh, it definitly snowed in VA. I love snow!

None last week, but the week before, School was closed Thursday and Friday, which resulted in a seven-day weekend for me. And last week, due to testing, I had another four days off, so I got a six-day weekend…

I’m surprised I was able to get up for school yesterday, what with all the messing with my normal schedule that’s been happening.