This is just too funny not to post.

Members of the Minuteman Project hailed the program as a success, and organizers said they plan to expand the mission to the other states bordering Mexico, and parts of the [b]Canadian border[\b].

Because you just know how we’re so worried about the Canadians trying to sneak into America. Especially after the last election with so many Americans talking about running to Canada.

Yes, I know it’s probably to try to catch terrorists.

As long as we can keep Setz, Hades, and Eva out I see nothing wrong with this.

Yes. Keep more Eva locked up here for me and Hades.

It might also be so that they can show they’re not just racist rednecks keeping Mexicans out by only patrolling the Southern border.

Riiiiiight… you KNOW it’s because the borderguards can no longer push back the Canadians.

its a pretty huge fallacy to call them racist rednecks just because theyre trying to close our borders.

Hey what’s wrong with Eva. She gave me some trance once! (Thanks again)

As long as we can keep Setz, Hades, and Eva out I see nothing wrong with this

I don’t even know you.

That article was just so silly.

It could be along Qubec. Wouldn’t want Qubecians entering the US.

My friends and I were talking about the Minutemen the other night. We said that some Canadians in the border regions should form a Canadian version of the Minutemen to patrol the border and stop Americans from sneaking in for Tim Horton’s coffee and universal health care. I have no idea what they’d be called though… the Loyalists? Hoser Patrol? Beaver Brigade? So many ideas, so little sense.


They gotta be kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s a pretty huge fallacy to call anything ClothHat says a fallacy as he is infallable, you bastard.

My mom wants to join this.

I’m not kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm…Random fact they put in for kicks?

An Army reservist was arrested on charges of holding seven Mexicans at gunpoint at a rest stop in southern Arizona earlier this month, though he was not affiliated with the Minuteman Project.

Our immigration laws end up being jokes. :expressionless: It makes me ill.
The hoops that I’ve seen my legally immigrated coworkers have to jump through to stay here just makes me even more ill.

Bravo Minutemen! It’s about time.
The biggest treat to United States security is not Al- Qaeda and it’s affiliates, but from the sources much closer to home – Al- Quanada. Yes, our supposed friends and partners up north. Their goal is not just to hurt and destroy America; it is even more sinister than that. Al- Quanada wants to infiltrate, absorb and completely change the “land of the free” by spreading their liberal, left wing values. Just imagine: stricter gun ownership laws, pro-choice attitudes of the majority of the population, legalized gay marriages. Maybe even legalized marihuana for medical use!
Forget about the “axis of evil”, we should take care of Al-Quanada immediately. Right now, they have two cells operating in the USA – the “Comics” with Jim Carrey as the leader (Mike Myers as second in command) and the “Divas” with Celine Dion as the head honcho (Shania Twain as number 2).