This is just not fair...


Choosing between Metal Gear Solid and resident Evil is bad enough, but what twisted form of seeding put Super Mario 64 and NiGHTS, my two all-time fave games, in the same first-round draw? :frowning:

Okay, it may be a whinge, but still, their seeding system sucks :frowning:

YOU CAN’T PUT FFT AGAINST DDR!!! That’s just NOT COOL!!! …seriously. >>;

I’m not reallly playing this contest to get my favorite games at the top (most of my favs didnt even get nominated >:(), but reather, to keep my bracket alive. So far so good, but the current round is a close one.

I don’t really care about that contest…

It seems sort of pointless to me…
I mean, sure it’s fun to see which game is most popular, but then what?

Theres prizes for having the right bracket. A bracket with no errors. Granted, chances of actually winning are almost nonexistent, but why not. Just a couple clicks a day, and no cost.

I know what you mean, Neb. My bracket has Mario 64 beating NiGHTS, but I’ll be voting for the purple flying jester. (I sorta wish it was NiGHTS versus Crash Bandicoot that way I could say “Fly Plaything, fly.” :P)

There’s also the problem of Panzer Dragoon Saga versus Goldeneye. Probably the two best Saturn games (and they’re really really good) versus arguably the two best N64 games. Sort of a shame, but I won’t mind bracket busters if it means NiGHTS or PDS going to the second round. :stuck_out_tongue:

The contest is just really for fun anyways. And to see if you have good guessing skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never played DDR.