This is just funny...

If this is true, I wish I could of heard that broadcast.

serves him right, i say…

I would give a great sum to have that recording in my hands hehehe

I don’t think its true… I’d need better proof.

I didn’t know that Castro’s phone number was available to disk jockeys.

It seems a little far fetched to me.

I didn’t know Cuba even HAD phones.

In Soviet Cuba, dictator joke YOU!

Anyway, sounds a little fake. They most likely had a fake Castro to counter the fake Chavez.

This reminds me of the svindler who called the American ambassador in Norway: The call lasted for about an hour, and the ambassador was convinced he was talking to the Norwegian prime minister throughout it. Needlessly to say, the ambassador was quite embarrased afterwards.

Anyway. This makes me want to look up that call some Canadian radio station made to Bill Gates, pretending to be the Canadian prime minister. I listed to it once, was quite cool.

I refuse to believe it. Castro is not a total idiot.

well, if it’s true, then it serves him right.

if it’s false, then that’s what they SHOULD do(or try)…

Maybe I should switch to a different news source, then…

Castro is cool an thats fake.

Well it is most likely fake when you think about it. Most rulers don’t have people call them on a whim. And as VE said, Castro isn’t really an idiot.

Although it would be hilarious.

You must have missed the entire context of the story then, if you read the stories context it makes it more realistic.

Is there anybody here from Miami? A person from there could confirm if this was true or not.

well, moon beam girl is from florida…you might try asking her…