This is how they fuck you!

Soul Calibur 2 has a different secret character on each system. Possibly old news.

PS2: Some dude from Tekken, who cares right?

GC: Link, Ok thats cool, I like that.

And most surprisingly and disapointing that they put it on the crappiest system I have ever seen!


Yea, that is old news. But I’m with you, I want spawn like nothin.

Buy an X Box :stuck_out_tongue:

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Buy an X Box :stuck_out_tongue:

Good lord, no. :stuck_out_tongue:

The odd thing about Spawn’s image in the game is that he has never used an axe, or at least not to my knowledge. I think a better weapon would have been the Shroud thing he wears in the show!! Now that would be impressive!!

Ok yeah, that would be cool an all, but Spawn only has like 3000 years to live. Everytime he uses his power time is taken from his life. So it would be highly unrealistic to have him constantly making shit come out of his chest. get real!

But they should have given him is big ass flowing cape, though that would take an ass load of space.

I never knew about that whole life thing, well I mean I knew using the Shroud’s power drain his strength, but I never knew it slowly drained his life away as well. That sorta puts a bigdownside on using it.

<img src=“”> They first designed him with his cape, however, the thing was too strongly present most of the time, up to the point of completely covering Spawn, so they removed it. As for the axe, they just gave him that since it seemed to most match his fighting style.


why on xbox :frowning:

but now wait i don’t even have a ps2 or GC anyway XD

cries more

What a waste… What were they thinking?!

Being one to catch up late to old news, no I did not know Link was on Soul Caliber 2 for GC.

Nor did I even KNOW Soul Caliber 2 was on Gamecube.

And I must say that r0x0rz

needs to take his graduation money and get his butt down to EB

Guess what, it’s on X-Box, and my friend has an X-Box >-)
That’s why I like X-Box, it pisses so many GC fanboys/girls off 8p

Hell, I’ll take Heihachi over Link’s wussy ass and Spawn’s kickass-ness any day.

Yet another reason to kill Bill gates.

I didn’t like Tekken as much as most people do.

And I’m a sucker for Nintendo games (not all of them. I keep far away from Pokemon and Mario Party, thank you)

And that is precicely the reason why you should go to hell, Steve.

I never liked Tekken, but Spawn’s cool…

I like Link. I have a Gamcube. I’m happy. :smiley:

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Yet another reason to kill Bill gates.

As if we didn’t have enough already. :wink:

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And that is precicely the reason why you should go to hell, Steve.

No shit? I’m probably going to hell, but I really don’t care. 8p

The axe originates from not only the Spawn comics, which is what the show is based on, but from the many Spawns over the ages. The axe is the most powerful weapon of the Spawn of the Dark Ages, which also has his own comic.

Also, the numbers don’t exactly mean his life, they are more of a magic/energy/lives/HP meter. It decreases with time & with sudden uses of power. If Spawn fulfills his mission with this power, his power will become infinite, because he chooses not to, it will decrease with massive amounts of time, until either he is killed or until the numbers run out, which will be when it is time for the next Hellspawn to rise from Hell & fight against his master once more.