This ... is CNN.

Hello. I’m Yar Kramer, and in today’s story, some dude known only by his alias of Guidey McGuide, previously thought to be the returned ShaheenJim, was revealed to be part of the terrorist organization known as the “Brotherhood.” We have our top reporter, Ultros T. Octopus, at the scene today. Ultros, how are things at your end?

[Cut to Ultros in a war-torn-type battlefield thing.]

:ulty: Well, we’ve –

<img src=“” align=“center”> BORAM!
:ulty: … somebody set up us the bomb. flop

[A gigantic robotic hornet flies down and attacks the camera. Static, then cut back to Yar]

… omg bee

That … was CNN.


This just in…

We doomed is us.

Thank you!

Meanwhile, in Neo Tokyo, high school dropout Tetsuo Shima has grown very powerful because his racial memory has tapped into the genetics of space dust.

:ulty: I’m a purple octopus and even I know that sounds like a load of bull hockey.

And Ultros is about to summarily terminate further utterances.