This is closer to the hellish Ontarian winter I was expecting

London finally got a few days of snow and freezing rain, and since I just got a new digicam I decided to capture some of it for practice:

<a href=“”>Dying Evergreen</a>
<a href=“”>Wasteland</a>
<a href=“”>Icy Prison</a>
<a href=“”>Icy Prison II</a>
<a href=“”>Icy Prison III</a>
I haven’t given you guys anything to look at in a while. Hope you enjoy.

Wow, the icy prison picture is intense! I haven’t seen anything like that where I live in Ontario, but it has been freezing cold out for a while. Today just walking home from the bus stop, it felt that I was going to loose my ears :open_mouth: Right now it’s -12, but it feels like -25.

Icy Prison is my favourite too. I took that picture to test the ability of my camera to focus on one part of the tree and let the parts that are closer and further away blur out. The result was a photo that more accurately portrays what a human would see in real life.

After looking at it a second time, your right. Thats one great shot! The wasteland picture makes your area look deserted.

I haven’t experienced freezing rain like that since '98 or '99

Leave it to DA to die less than a day after I actually add something. Anyway, I have two more pics to add as soon as it’s back up.

Edit: Done.

Hades, you’re about 2 hrs from me i’m about 20 mins from Windsor

Never had freezing rain here, which I’m glad of. I mean I like the cold and all, but that is just a little too cold.

And by the way, very nice photos Hades. Wish I could take some like that, but it hasn’t snowed or anything here. Oh well.

Its the same here in the States. my legs feel farking sore because of the sudden cold.

It’s not as bad over here, since we get stuff plowed away every day, but here’s my view after today:


Are those hockey nets? That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I don’t know how much NHL coverage you get over there, but did you see Jarkko Ruutu’s penalty shot goal vs the Leafs a few days ago? I’m telling you man, he may be an agitator but he’s got skill.

It’s usually mentioned if Finns got anything mentionable done in a game in the sports coverage. And yeah, those are for the kids, they should get some real use once they get the ice done well.