This is always fun...

Final Fantasy on Virtual Console?
I have 3 copies of FF1, but that’s not enough.:biggrin:

(let’s not get our hopes up that it’ll be something cooler.)

Man, I hope it’s the NES version of FF3 with a sexy official translation! :victoly:

Now that would be cool.

It’s probably gonna be a snazzied up version of FFI. Like PS3 or at least PSP quality.

Kuja comes out!

FF7 remake?

…the horse is dead and beaten, but I still want it.

…to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series

RPT, you beat me to it - I was about to post this. Coincidentally, this year FFVII celebrates its 10-year anniversary. So Square-Enix might as well kill two birds with one stone.