This is a very serious request that is to be taken seriously.

So, like, I wanna post in Rampant Masturbation and stuff. Because I have something very important to say to Sil. Closed topics in general are often closed when I still have useful invitations for sex to offer to those against whom I am arguing, and such a condition is not fair.
So, you guys should, like, you know, make me a mod and stuff so I can post in closed topics. I, like, promise not to ban everybody or edit people’s posts so that they read embarassing truths about the person, or anything, you know, like that. And stuff.
You bastards know it is a good idea with no possible drawbacks or larger implications.

If it was very important to say to sil, then you can do it in a PM. If it needs to be seen by every yahoo who posts here then it probably doesn’t need to be said in the first place.

And don’t sass us.