This is a bit scary.

I got an e-mail saying the following:

One of our members is looking for opinions about:
To view all of the submissions about you use this link:

Anonymous members post Experience Requests at this website. An Experience Request is simply an indication of a member’s interest in sharing the experiences that he or she has had with a particular individual or business. Each Experience Request has one subject (an individual or business), and the subject is identified in the Experience Request.

I took a look at this website. Essentially, it gives people a forum to talk about other people behind their back, with complete anonymity, and without the person actually knowing what any of them say. If any contact information somehow appears on their site, they say they’ll refuse to take it down, and they also say they’re not liable for any defamation that occurs on it.

The whole thing gives me a really creepy feeling, is all. Now I’m going to go nuts thinking about why on earth six people are interested in talking about me. -_- Oddly enough, there are six requests about my RPGC address and none about my FFC address.

What the hell O_o Don’t worry about it, I don’t think anything some people that had to go as far as to use some stupid site like that to bash people would matter.

Well I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. I agree with you though that is really creepy.

Thats kinda a stupid site.
but we love you here, so dont worry.

What bad could anybody say about Cidolfas?

I’m kind of perplexed.

Actually, there are 2 requests for “expierences”, and 4 people saying that they have information.

The gossiping old wives of the 21st century… X_x

You’ll probably be interested to know that all @rpgclassics addresses seem to have six such “requests”. So it may not be you.

Total invasion of privacy.

Not a turn on?