This hurts my brain.

But I figured out how he did it.
There’s no photoshop involved:

It’s easy to see if you just look :stuck_out_tongue:

I -think- I see how it was done…

It’s an optical illusion… and there’s so many ways to go about it.

It could just be a well-pained picture painted on a desk or the right upper parts don’t have to be attached.

HOLY SHIT. That was difficult to find, I was about to give up, but damn… that was some clever camera-work.

This kind of optical illusion is old. I know the trick. There are two ways to get a photo like this, I’m thinking he did it the easy way.

The leftmost point of the triangle. The lines don’t connect there. Rotate it around and you’ll see it’s not a triangle, but rather something like a big twisted N, but with a broader angle among the lines.

Or, just look at the shadow :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly. It’s the top-right point of the triangle that doesn’t connect, not the left or whatever.

I got it as soon as I saw it, because there was one of those in the pizza place I worked at. It’s a pretty popular trick.

Oops, my bad. Right trick, wrong positioning XD

Yeah, thats what I was thinking, though I lacked proof until Steve mentioned it.

Dude … like, totally.


Should have not put it on such a shiny reflective floor.

I’ve seen that many times but it still makes my eyes get messed up.

Our mind, it’s so stupid.