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well, i started writing and this is what i’ve come up with. more as it’s actually written, but i’m not gonna divide it up into chapters as it would mean to long between installments. well here it is (btw, feel free to give name ideas)

Excerpt from the journal of J’heshua Raelith
As with all things, the end of one age is the beginning of another. Many things are now lost to us and many ancient crafts of the previous ages have passed out of wirting and recollection. Where a srtong wind dies a lesser wind carries on in its stead. So have our race done through this age, becoming less and less. It is inevitable that eventually this era and the ages in it die to give birth to a new era. There are still a few questions that puzzle me though. Prophecies speak of a new era, Neft Eilen, in which mankind will regain the knowledge it has lost and thrive once more. But there are prophecies that have lain dormant 'til beyond their calling. Will this prophecy sleep uncalled like so many others? And how shall we survive long enough to know? The world grows smaller, and will return to it’s original span with Neft Eilen it is said, but…it seems more doubtful with every passing year. Perhaps the world is not smaller by much ater each year, but i worry still. More worrying than anything else is the increased activity of what men would call monsters, the Aedrith. What is left but to wait? To wait while fate seems to draw in on itself and the future gows dark.

[RIGHT]J’heshua Raelith - IV Era - II Age[/RIGHT]

It’s too vague right now to give a name to. Though I suppose Neft Eilen could do.

There are some minor spelling and grammatical errors and I’m not too sure what some phrases mean. For example:

“til” should be " 'til "

“Will this prophecy sleep uncalled like so many others?” should be
“Will this prophecy sleep, uncalled, like so many others?”

“So have our race done through this age, becoming less and less.”

You could add something to say what this race has done that would cause their population to dwindle. It just seems this sentence is fragmented and the other part isn’t there.

thanks! feel free to make other corrections too…i tend to write like that a lot, so i’ll get on it.