this doesn't happen often

I am fucking disturbed.

Whoa. That’s pretty cool, heh…it’s too bad the picture quality sucked so much, but this is like, looking like a precursor to some sorta total immersion entertainment, virtual reality shit. Which I’m not sure what I think of…on one hand, it would be fucking sweet, but on the other hand, it’s kinda creepy to think about.

Interesting review, all the same.

Reminds me of a virtual boy. Something overpriced that you can’t use for more then 15 minuets without stiffness, pain, or headace.

I got to thinking though, if you had a giant robot, they would make good pilot goggles for seeing outside with some cameras placed outside.

Hey hey. Now that’s a surprise! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, the Virtual Boy kicked ass!

It hurt my eyes to read the article. It sounds terrible.

What else is new? As awful as multimedia glasses have always been.

Jeez, aren’t you the least bit concerned that Astral might come on and find out about your sexual relationship with a goth rock band? I mean, you’ve got a good thing going with her! And what’s with the link? Kinda interesting, but off the topic, I’d say.

There are two things wrong with what you said, GM, one of which is that Disturbed is not a gothic rock band. They’re really shitty nu-metal.

Yeah, and the other is that Sin didn’t capitalize “disturbed.” :smiley:

I think if they modified the design a little bit with better ergonomics, it’d be a pretty sweet gadget…and my god, think of playing a fps on one of those things. 0_o

Sin and nu-metal are my lovebunnies. hophop


… eye strain after a half an hr. ungood.

They have a higher end model… wonder if they fixed any of the problems? (and how much higher the price tag is)

Dude, if they add on/off sync and perspective to each of the separate LCD screens, it would be a full 3D effect. That would be so damn awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw lsd when I first read it. Really gotta get my eyes checked out again.
Nifty idea though.