This deserves a WTF award

What gives ?? O.o

I knew there were stupid sales… but this takes the cake. :fungah: :fungah: :fungah:

This guy must be really desperate for money. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is, hands-down, THE stupidist auction I have EVER seen. This INCLUDES the guy in the wedding dress.

lol, I bet the time he takes checking his auction he could’ve made 20 times the amount he is asking for :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, my friend was talking about this total chode who claimed to be part of a leet AIM hacker underground… I say what the fuck…

and this to anyone who is a “leet aim hacker”:
Who gives a shit about hacking AIM?! And if you do give a shit… WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Run out infront of a bus and save the world from your stupidity.

I’ve seen worse.

WHAT the hell? thats very lame

<img src=“”> That worst then this auction where the seller only sells the case and instrucations for the game, disc not included!

I’m surprised someone even wasted a quarter.

Oh, I’m still winning! Wish me luck!

This is sad
I guess he thinks he’ll make a fortune

DAMN IT! i wasted my only quarter on this sn! I dont even play the game! FUCK!

This is like URL camping. Only lamer.

I’ve bid on those types of auctions before. Sometimes I’ll have the game disc (got it at some used game store that threw out the case/instructions), and not the case/box/manual.

Heh, im glad im not the only one who has done it, but the box art for Valkrie Profile is just so cool!

He should mail the guy a check for the quarter, and mail it “Postage Due” just to be mean. Make the guy pay 33 cent for his quarter!

lol, thats a good idea, DK, but he only accepts money orders, or checks. and I aint making no money orders.

Still doesn’t beat the girl who sells/sold her virginity on Ebay.

Anyone know how that turned out?

Nope. Alls I know is that the auction was at 1750$ when someone first showed it to me. I was laughing my ass off.