This deserves a new topic

Since I can’t find the old one and my pizza is almost done.

On a funny note, my media player crashed at the end of viewing this. That must be an omen or something.



My childhood is no longer burning, its now just a pile of ash.

I’m sorry, but I would not trust Wily Coyote to be my VEHICLE EXPERT. Strapping on a pair of rocket roller skates is NOT a good idea.

I had to make it a challenge to make myself sit through that whole thing, and live. That was a very close call.

Variety the spice of life :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m looking foward to it >.>

I’m going to cry now… T_T

That’s gonna suck so hard it’s not even funny…

…wait, yes it is. I LAUGH! HA HA HA HA!

Where is your God now!?

Actually, that looked slightly interesting, but I won’t be able to check it out and find out for myself.

I actually feel nauseated now that I’ve watched this.

I can’t bring myself to click that link. Ain’t It Cool News can be likened to the bottom of the internet barrel. Actually, its like if the bottom of the barrel had its OWN barrel, with another bottom altogether, that then dripped on an ocean of diseased rats which then lept into a rank sewer.

So i found a mirror. I watched it, then i cried.

Wile E. Coyote…

And that’s not Wile E. anyway… it’s… Slick…

I still don’t see why everybody’s making such a big deal about this cartoon. The thing I’m most disturbed about is the continuing existence of Lola Bunny, even though she was just fabricated for the Space Jam movie… So she’s not even really a Looney Tune, but she’s always there as the token female in any new Looney Tunes creation.

The series should begin and end with episode 1, in which the team realizes they’re a rip-off of classic characters and commits seppuku.

Hahahahahaha! Man, this is so bad it’s funny. Like 3DO with the army men games they keep trying to bring back a long exhausted franchise

That would imply they have honour. Which they don’t.

Exactly, it is the only way they could redeem themselves.

It’s just no one really likes seeing their beloved childhoods being basterized.

The show is being done by the same people who did SWAT KATS, and that was one of the best cartoons of its time. So I’ll give Loonatics a chance.

Though I don’t like the new designs, either.