Thinking Of Shrining

Hey, I’m thinking just now of creating a Shrine… but not sure on what game. (EDIT: I’ve chosen Harvest Moon GBC3 - and am currently learning HTML, so easy! Haha)
Also, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have such… expertise in HTML, so I wouldn’t be able to create the shrine in HTML, but if I were to create a ‘Powerpoint Presentation’, then sure someone nice might be able to help out and translate that into HTML?
Or I’ll have to go the hard way about learning HTML…
But either way, I’m thinking of making a shrine, any input, or help would be Muchly appreciated…
Are there any requests for shrines? (Preferably from the older systems… SNES, NES, Genesis, GB, GBC etc.)

I’ve most probably missed heaps of stuff I want to say there, so I go on an editing frenzy then forgive me… or I’ll just make a new post.


Read our walkthrough and read some tutorials on the web. Just go to google and search for “HTML tutorial”. Seriously, it takes like 10 minutes to learn.

If you can’t code HTML then you’re wasting your time.

Thanks Cless, I did that and have found a nice little guide that’s helping me out.
Just getting started though :frowning:


When a game you wish to shrine comes to mind, email me with the title of the game, the system it’s on, and your desired username and password, and I’ll set you up.

Ah, thanks heaps for that!
I’m just flicking through all the game lists now… seeing what’s available.