Things only seem to get worse -_-

Yep… no negotiations were even started yet concerning the strike, which signifies we might very lose over half of our term lecture-wise. Fortunately, we do have enough tools to still get a good part of the work done while the college is off limits.

The first year students will be hit very hard by this strike… they may lose everything, fuck. -_-

Oh… and the weather’s messed up… it’s snowing, yup. O_o

It’s snowing?! We aren’t getting anything here in NS…I want it to snow…sniff

Er I mean that’s pretty frigging bad. I remember when the teachers here went on strike for more money and that was chaos…a lot of students were pretty pissed off, so I can imagine how many people feel about the CLOSING of the school. Education, more importantly, college education is at stake here and that’s really serious. I wonder what the maintainance are asking and being refused to go on strike like this…terrible

If you end up missing most of the semester because of this, maybe you should get a bunch of students together and demand refunds for your classes.

Good idea. Students shouldn’t have to lose out on an education and be charged a semester’s fee if they can’t even attend class because of unsanitary conditions. And even IF you can do the work and class at home, some of the money that goes into tuition is used for school services, like tutoring, counselling and everything else. And if the school is too unsafe to use these services, then you’re paying for nothing.

I’m sorry to hear this has gone on so long, DG… all I can do is hope that things turn out better soon.

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It’s snowing?! We aren’t getting anything here in NS…I want it to snow…sniff

You should be shot on sight for saying that :mwahaha: .

Snow is the part of winter that’s worth looking forward to. The cold, and that awful slushy stuff on the roads are the bad part. By the way, I’ve heard it will snow here tomorrow as well.

I hope there’ll be a breakthrough soon, DG, or at least SOME talking :confused:

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You should be shot on sight for saying that :mwahaha: .

Anything to get out of school, sweetie:ah-ha!: And plus snow is always tolerable before we hit January, then it just…sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this a rant?

Wouldn’t they violate the contract if they don’t provide you with the education you have the right to have, and in the case of private schools, paid for?