TheSpeedGamers Vs FF Series

TheSpeedGamers will attempt to beat Final Fantasy 1-12 (11 will have a time slot set aside for representation) live on webcam while raising money for ACT Today (Autism charity). They will start on Friday July 17th and play continuously for an entire week while streaming their game play. A commentary feed and chat will accompany the game play for viewer interaction. All of this can be found on their website

In total, TheSpeedGamers have raised approximately $32,000 for various charities. $10,000 of the total donations was raised during their 72 hour Earthbound marathon for Susan G. Komen in May 2009. TheSpeedGamers have been putting on game marathons for over a year. Final Fantasy marks their 12th marathon, 8th for charity.
Mana Potions is supporting TheSpeedGamers by donating gift boxes to the top 5 donators (12 pack combo mana/health, wristband, shirt, mousepad, swag), and the runner-up 5 donators are to receive a 4pack combo Mana/Health with wristband.
Prizes such as Chocobo and Catuar plushies, Final Fantasy posters with original art, and much more will be given away.

Any promotion would be much appreciated and could go a long way.

TheSpeedGamers are based in Arlington, Texas, but consist of volunteers from all around the world.
For more information, please visit or contact Britt LaRiviere, founder of TheSpeedGamers at