There been a problem?

For some reason when I visited just now it’s showing that I have unread posts going right back to october 23rd, despite the fact that I only visited this morning. Also, the image in the top-left of the forums ain’t working.

It’s not affecting my ability to use the forums, just thought I’d note it in case it’s a symptom of a wider cock-up.

We moved servers. Expect a few bugs.

It is possible that the unread posts is a side-effect from me changing the way the forums tag read posts. Might be that we should undo that change.

It looks like you now have to visit the thread for it to be considered “read”, instead of having to have visited the forum, which is how it appears to have worked previously. It caught me by surprise to. Personally I don’t mind it, but I do click the “Mark Forums Read” after I am finished to prevent the confusion.

It doesn’t mark them as read until you’ve actually read them, yes.

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