I’m trying to decide what the themesong should be for this fight. Right now, reading today’s gave me “Ultra Violet” from Devil May Cry stuck in my head …

I’m thinking either ‘The 13th Struggle’ from Kingdom Hearts II, or ‘Testament’ from Xenosaga III, because I’m lame and I’ve played those games recently.

since it’s trance now, there is always “Dark Messenger”

Due to the sprite quality though, I’d say a 16-bit song would have to run… Too bad you already used “Battle with Gilgamesh” in that flash.

Well, “Battle with Gilgamesh” is too … mm … cheerful. Or, well, upbeat. Whatever.

Well if you want a 16-bit song that bad try, I dunno, Megalomania from Live-A-Live.

Lavos then maybe?

It’s hard to know what theme song sounds good if you don’t know what the episode’s theme is, or at least the mood your aiming for.

However, a few useful ones that I can think of right now are Atma Weapon’s theme form FF VI, the Seven Warrior theme from Romancing SaGa 2, the Lich battle theme from Secret of Mana(or the Final Battle theme also works). And two non RPG themes in case they are needed the Final Boss theme in Mega Man X, and Ridley’s Boss theme from Super Metroid.

Well if you’re thinking Romancing SaGa, how about Four Noble Devils from Romancing SaGa 3? It makes even more sense since there’s four of these guys!

Let’s throw in “Force Your Way” from FF8 for good measure.

And maybe “The Decisive Battle” from FF5.