Theme song

if rpgc was a tv show what would its theme song be. the way I see it it would have to be long enough to show all the main characters.

:moogle: I think the theme song from dot.hack//legend of the twilight would work.

But who would the main characters be?

I have absolutely no clue. MY current themesong is “Walk” by Pantera, however.

Main characters? Are there also NPCs?

Wow, he asks for a theme song and you people give him a storyline and plot.

Anyways, I choose the origional Star Trek theme. Somehow ‘boldly going where no man has gone before’ just sound right.

You know you’ve been playing too many video games when you start referring to peripheral characters in TV shows as NPCs…

The theme from Shaft.

The Justice League opening theme. Or the Unlimited one. Naturally >_>;

Or the captain planet one, but it’s kinda impossible to fit (# of RPGCeers) into the opening…

“THE INTERNET IS BORING. Rast, the spirit of the RPGC, can no longer tolerate the terrible lameness plaguing our 'net. He sent five magic shrine fragments to five special…” (Insert Bahamut, MannyD, Blizzard, Macc Maverick, and Cigam here…)

I got tricked by “Theme Song” and "RPG"Classics Agora…

Yeah I have to agree with Mabat, the Justice League Unlimited theme song, and a similar opening video would suit this place well.

I have to go with the Sanford and Son theme song. That song rules.