The year is 1972, it's our last trip to the moon. One of them is gathering rocks...

…When the capsule hatch door locks.

Poor animation, but quite funny dialogues.

(Merlin: Fixed the link for ya)

I hearby dub this “teh funneh”.

Though I have to admit, I kinda feel sorry for the poor bastard.

What the crap? lol Damn i won’t be able to get that song out of my head for a week or more, just like that banana phone… seizures

What was the word before charged?

This cartoon kept me awake through Tools and Applications class last term. Hi-larious.

That is great. You need to fix the formatiing of the URL though.

I fixed the link.

Thanks Merl

It’s OK. But just OK.

Quite entertaining, especially the last one on the tv series.

That was funny, I think I liked the third one the best.

All but one of those was downright hilarious. Great stuff.

Let me guess which one Ion,was it A Typical Day?

And i found it pretty funny.

That was great! I laughed my ass off through the whole thing.