The year in review

As some of you may already know, today is my 21st birthday. I think this is as good a time for reflection as any.

I have a very dynamic personality. I went through a major change in my life around my senior year in high school, which basically moved me away from being an introverted social outcast to a friendly-to-the-point-of-annoyingness social whore. :stuck_out_tongue: Over the past year, I went through another big change… perhaps even greater in magnitude.

Here’s a few things that happened to me:
<li>I let go of a whole lot of bitterness that had been built up over the years (bitterness toward people who had more interesting social lives than me).
<li>I dropped all the stereotypes I had carried over from HS… made friends with jocks, surfers, frat boys/sorority girls, and other people I used to hate simply because they followed (purposefully or not) some image.
<li>I got my driver’s license, bringing me even closer to my goal of total independence. Oh yeah, and I’ve signed the lease for my apartment for next year.
<li>I accepted the fact that others’ opinion of me does in fact matter to me. However, I learned that you cannot make people like you.
<li>I learned that Bacardi 151 is an alcoholic drink that should never be ingested by anyone. :stuck_out_tongue:
<li>However, I found that drinking responsibly is very fun.
<li>I began dating for the first time in my life, and discovered that it came very naturally to me. Being in a relationship made me feel better than I had ever felt before about myself.
<li>I got not one, not two, but THREE nice jobs… all related to my major (Comp. Science). I get paid fairly well, and I like the people that I work with.
<li>Dancing: I used to hate it, now I found that I love it. Go figure. There’s a lot to be said for going to the parties where they play the right kind of music.
<li>I opened a new chapter in my “book o’ life philosophy”. I feel like I am finally on the right road now. I’m not sure where my road leads, but at least I’ve got some good hiking boots.

Perhaps most importantly, I learned that there is nothing more important in life than good friends. My family has been woefully inadequate in providing me with support, role models, etc. ever since my parents’ divorce 5 years ago. (I blame my parents mostly for my late blooming in the social department.) But friends… friends, you can actually <b>pick</b>. You can look up to friends. They can be your big bro, your drinking buddy, or just someone to play Q2 with.

I feel complete and fulfilled as a human being. No greater gift could have been given to me. I didn’t do it myself, though I suppose I can pat myself on the back for taking some important steps. Mostly, it was my friends (new, old, IRL, online) that helped me along… they helped me to help <b>myself</b>.

Conclusion: Best. Year. Ev0r. And now that I’m 21, next year could be even better!

Thanks Dragon God, for being my dealer in that wonderful drug they call “game soundtracks”.
Thanks Skankin’ Garbage, for general encouragement and advice, and for keeping my life from getting too serious. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks Sinistral, for listening, and just being really chill to talk to.
Thanks StarStorm, for being a “son” I can be proud of. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks Booken and Dragon Tear, for all your huggles. ^.^
Thanks PKT_Paladin, for huggles as well as some really good advice.
Thanks Wertigon, for your recommending Debian to me.
Thanks Black Ninja, Otakon, Bahamut, and other old-school RPGCers, for listening to some of my problems and being cool in that really old-school way.
Thanks Kagon, for making a certain Truth or Dare session really memorable. ^^;
Thanks Xelopheris… even though you scarred me repeatedly with goatse, you make me laugh most of the time.
Thanks Hades (yes, Hades) for also listening to some of my problems and reminding me that nothing can kill a samurai, not even an H-bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks RPGC, for existing, and not forcing me to give up my real friends to have you. :stuck_out_tongue:

The IRL club:
Thanks Frameskip, for providing me with hours upon hours of fun gaming times. I can always count on you for your honest opinions and advice.
Thanks Kraken, for being wacky, and infusing my life with said wackiness.
Thanks Jo the Mighty, for [see above about the wackiness].
Thanks Sean (not on the MBs), for correcting me when I’m wrong, putting up with my sometimes erratic temperment, and introducing me to many many things which I now love.

The 624 crew:
Thanks Jason and Garrett… you guys were awesome friends and housemates in 624, and I’m sure you’ll be great roommates for next year too!
Thanks Judette, for putting together the best dorm-thats-not-really-so-much-a-dorm-as-a-big-house.
Thanks Jasper, for being a great roommate, for introducing me to Nutella, and for putting up with all my German jokes. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks Dave, for accompanying me on that fantastic pilgramage back to the “holy land”, and for having a great sense of humor.
Thanks all of 624 Hilgard, for opening me up to all sorts of new experiences!

Thanks to my friends of the past, in Boy Scouts, school, Rieber 2N, and the Health Sciences Store.

Thanks Yukiko… should I call you my first “true” love? Thanks for showing me new things about myself that I had never appreciated before. Thanks for all the wonderful times, short lived as they were. Thanks for giving me self-confidence. Thanks for just being you.

Sorry if I forgot anyone… I guess I should just thank the whole human race, to be on the safe side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s out of my system. And not a tear shed! (it was a close one though… I was waxing really sappy, wasn’t I? :P)

Now it’s your turn. I’m doing a kind of blend between the “asking questions” threads and the “what do you think of me” threads. I want you to recall one or more events that comes to mind when you think of me. Just quick little anecdotes will do. So, for instance, TD would recount any of the times he’s made me look like an ass on the chat (pick any day of the year, you’ll find one). It could be something silly I said, or something that stuck in your mind. And you can also ask a question if you want to.

Aww thanks mommy! hugs Mommy

I do have one question: What do you think about Charlie being my father?

Originally posted by Kero Hazel
You can look up to friends. They can be your big bro, your drinking buddy, or just someone to play Q2 with.

<img src=“”> Not for you, your connection sucks just as much as mine when it comes to multiplayer Q2 :stuck_out_tongue: And the one thing that comes to mind is you talking about icing cakes :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you like the drugs, Kero :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have a new batch ready this fall :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and Happy Bday by the way 8D

Yes! Dancing is WONDERFUL!! :slight_smile:

Carry on, people. >_> I don’t know you, Kero, so I don’t have any anecdote.

Woo, I’m on the list. Not the first time I’ve ever been on a list, but one of the first times I’ve been on a ‘good’ list. :slight_smile:

Happy BDay Kero.

/me signs up Kero for the goatse mailing list.

Happy Birthday, Kero. Glad to hear you had a kickass year.

Nice sprite, TD. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too many to recall.

That post was way too readable, what are you doing sober?

It’s your birthday!
Hap - happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!

We’re heading towards the zoo,
Near the monkey cage.
Hope you don’t smell like one, too.

What a birthday present, huh? A cheap version of Happy Birthday you hear in restaurants like T.G.I.Fridays.:hahaha;

Happy Birthday!


Heh, I didn’t realize I gave you that good of help. :stuck_out_tongue: Seeing as you’ve not asked me for advice in months I bet you figured that shit out. :stuck_out_tongue: Good to know, just make sure you learn from your mistakes (And drinking is only responsible with sober people :P). I went through a very similar change when I was a bit younger (Well, I’m younger than you, but I mean when I was in high school I changed :P), and I know that it’s a very refreshing change of pace.

Well, it’s certainly nice to know you’re doing well. And even though I’m not going to Disneyland this summer, seriously, we should be chillin! I’ve got a month and a half kid! Let’s do it fool :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy barf-day.

Star: All I can say is that I was really REALLY drunk… I mean, almost HALF as drunk as I’m gonna get tonight… wait, what am I admitting to again? Charl being your father? That’s a lie. I thought you were referring to my questionable relationship with a piece of office equipment.

Frame: It’s called having to WORK on your birthday. I also haven’t been eating too much today, and I want to have a big meal before I go drinking.

SG: If you can find a way to get over here, I’d be glad to show you around UCLA… you’ll have a great time, I guarantee it. If you wait till September, I’ll be living in my apt, so you can even crash at my place. :cool:

Happy belated- birthday.

No questions to ask. Just live happy :slight_smile:

Foo! You have a damn car, shit. :stuck_out_tongue: Come around kiddo. Didn’tcha wanna go to mex anyways?

Actually SG, I don’t have a car. ;_;
I do have access to one from time to time, but that’s completely dependent on whether my dad’s using it or not. I might be able to borrow Frame’s car (actually his parents’, but he doesn’t have a license yet)… we’ll see.

So, the birthday celebration went off pretty well. I got decently wasted, though not so much that I forgot what happened. I didn’t throw up either, so bully for me.

Happy Birthday Kero ^^ Drink away.

Originally posted by Cala
Nice sprite, TD. :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Yeah, it’s nice, isn’t it?

Originally posted by Dragon God
[b]Glad you like the drugs, Kero :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have a new batch ready this fall :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and Happy Bday by the way 8D [/b]

sees DG baking soundtracks

Hem. Not in that way I hope?

Well it’s good to hear that you’ve had a great year, just don’t expect things to get too much better in life, sounds like you’ve already peaked!