The Worst Day in History

The worst days often start out great.

I took a final this morning that was easy as hell. Good.
I’m interviewed for joining an alternative school that would allow me to graduate early, and am accepted. Good.
My car gets broken into and my cd player stolen along with my cds. Not good.
My girlfriend confessess that she took a bump of cocaine (a bump is taking a straw cut off at an angle on the end and inhale) - something she hadn’t done in 4 years. And she wanted to do it. Worse.
A mutual friend of ours and her boyfriend have recently started to shoot up heroin. Worser still.
Pedro Martinez signed with the Mets. Not as bad, but as a Braves fan this spells doom. Sucky.

What a day…what a day.

You’re a braves fan? Well then, you deserve everything that happens to you.

Sounds like your surrounded by drugs.

Usually my days are completely horrid instead of having some good or bad things.

I will just say that last year around this time one of my friends died. Maybe the holidays are in fact the worst times of the year =P

I would say it’s the early summer, really.
Then again, I miss the people I lost in summer most during winter, so you may be right…

You should move out of Hotlanta, come down here to LA, nobody does drugs here.

I’m lucky, I don’t have any friends to lose to drugs or to Nul. I also don’t have a car to be broken into, I’m such a genius when it comes to keeping a happy life. Dweebs. =P

Sorc, I’m sorry to hear about your friends’ drug problems. Some of my loved ones have also had their lifes ruined by drugs. One of my nephews even began stealing to support his habit. After a stint in jail, and being sent to a program in Miami, he seems to have recovered, and recently married. We’re keeping an eye on him, in case of a relapse.

It’s extremely difficult to escape addiction on your own. You almost always need help.
The only thing you can do, is to try to convince your GF and your friends to join a program. However, ultimately, it’s their decision. You have your life to lead. I honestly wish you and them the best.

The other stuff is bad, but nothing really important in the long run.

And at least for you personally things seem to be getting better. Go for it.

Keep an eye on them. Friends need friends. or something like that.

Christmas isn’t a happy time. Look out for your friends, even the bad ones, someday they’ll thank you for it.

Well, my girlfriend said that it isn’t a problem for her not to do it. She admitted that she is having cravings as a result but that she would be fine. And I’m usually there to keep her straight. It should be easy since the holiday break is coming up and I won’t let her do it.

My heroin friend however, I can care less about at this moment. She is intent on trying to get me and my girl to break up, and putting most of her energy into ensuring that I don’t know about shit that goes on, which is dumb because it all gets back to me one way or another. She’s even trying to cut her boyfriend out of it, which just seems to me that she needs help. It’s fucking sad. My girlfriend isn’t even tempted by the heroin, it’s the coke that’s giving her the issue, but I think she’ll be ok.

And my car getting broken into is important, it shows that I may very well have to choke a bitch. I think I know who did it, and if I can prove it he’ll be getting a skull fucking from my friend louis. He’s a slugger.

Sounds like a sucky day to me. At least you’re a braves fan. All you can do you for your girlfriend is just be there to help her out. Then again, I’ve never really been in a situation like that.

Oh yeah, and fuck you BM, how many consecutive division titles does your team have?

That’s right.

You took Millwaukee’s winning baseball team, and we got stuck with the Brewers

We also stole your closer.

Eat it ;p


Sad but True. My boys haven’t done shit since they swept the Athletics in '90. And since they’re a small market team with an injury riddled former superstar(coughKen Griffey Jr.cough), as well as other problems(such as being the one team in the NL Central who are actually worse than the Brewers) they will never be good again.

I still think Pete Rose deserves Hall Of Fame Consideration.

We used to have Robin Yount, and Paul Molador (spellcheck?). Our last good player was that Sexton guy, who injured himself putting a hat one once.