He is intentionally making terrible threads and terrible posts. Not even funny, he’s just trying to piss us all off. I don’t know how he has made 150 posts without anybody complaining.


Snap. Burn by GSG.

did I do it in time?

That sucks. Your burn is now null and void.

I don’t get much practice with this kind of thing.

so unnull and unvoid your burn, quickly! do something!

I agree.


Well… it was good while it lasted! :smiley:

Look again, GSG, I have FIVE THOUSAND posts. Who has closer to 150? hmm?

I thought this thread was about Zeppelin (?). GSG is a better poster than Zeppelin ATM.

It was a joke because I said “words worst poster” so you think Zeppelin, but it was actually a different guy.

Actually I have 1,154 posts.

I recall once, a long time ago, when there was a great dickwaving over who had the biggest post count. I also remember when all the post counts were reset and some people flipped out over it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno… I feel like post counts are like a hidden pleasure for everyone, but its the kind of thing that you deny until the day you die… At least I know that I take pride in mine…

This, this right here.

But it wasn’t even funny, and it just pissed me off. INTENTIONALLY.

I support Kaiser’s custom title

I support your title.