The world gonna end in atrocious pain and agony

Oy, let me explain WHY its worth buying the dye at 100k

I made a dye run these last day. Collecting blue herbs wasn’t so bad, I knew where to get them and I was on early, so no competion for the plants. It took a day or so
Most of the stuff needed for the dye was transfered from my old swordman. Except the alchool. I traded my Kurk card for it. And I wanted that card…

Now the painful part, wich I call the dye run. It consist into a quest that involves no less that 3 hours of walking, searching and warping. I looked everywhere, clues, from the web, and the NPC was behind another, so I couldn’t really think he was there. After 2 hours of search, the quest finnally begins. I must walk from Alberta to Geffen in order to meet 2 guys, the last mix the Dextri and Alchool into some potion for the dye. It cost 3000 zennies. And I’m broke.
I walk back from Geffen to Marroc. And try to kill the most stuff. I need 3500 to make the Blue dye. It will take me another hour selling stuff.
When I finnaly have my dye, I walk back (Again, thus the title “The lost Mage” really applies :P) to Pronteras, toward the cloth Dyer.
He says he’s too busy for dying now…

Wich it all resumes into one word

um yeah, i couldve told you that the dye isnt implemented yet cause i talked to that guy 2 days ago and he said the same thing

you mean dying as in coloring your clothes ala UO?

i havent bought much yet, only a main gauche, jacket, guard, and flu mask from the morroc armory (3400z total). however, i find it alot easier to get stuff and actually make money, compared to say… EVERQUEST.

Heh. Dying your hair was fun in UO, and dying your clothes was tres easy. Buy a dye tub, get some dye (I think, it’s been a while) Choose color for the tub (or change it) and off you go!

<img src=“”> Haw, my plan to make Booken test it out so he loses time and money instead of me worked flawlessly.

I see a habooken coming TD’s way. Or maybe a tri-elemental attack.

Nah, its called Dead Branchs

<img src=“”> With your luck, it will just summon a stupid wolf :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a Pupa.

with td’s luck against himself though it’d be at least a alarm or something, or hell if its possible, a phreeoni. Now wouldnt THAT suck, to be walkin around leveling, booken comes in and db’s a phreeoni right beside you then wings away?

Ever seen a summoned Thief Bug Egg? Hilarious

((Psst… I have the branchs cackles))

Heh. Dyes are not implented in yet, and my guess is that it will be in the incoming Commodo patch.

Whatever. I got my dye and I’m ready to be dyed

Ya heh… my quest for 120 trunks hasn’t started yet because I am laaaazzyy…

Thats just how it goes :stuck_out_tongue:

Booken, atleast you got to see alot of the map! :stuck_out_tongue:


going for a sakkat then eden?

Key word is eventually :stuck_out_tongue: