The Word of The Day

Think of a word that you know that isn’t often used/seen and post it here with its definition! Doesn’t even have to be an English word, so long as the definition is accurate! Post a usage example if you’d like!

I’ll start off with this one as an example:

Ubiquitous: (Adjective) Existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent.
“The oppressive humid air was ubiquitous during the summer.”

indubitably: (adverb): impossible to doubt, unquestionable.


  1. the process of decorating with a fringe.
  2. such decoration.

Defenestration (I love this word): it measn throwing something or someone out of a building through a window, and it might just be me being a sadic psychopath, but I find the wikipedia article for it hilarious (what with sections like “notable defenestrations in history” and “scientific studies”).

Flabbergasting (Adjective)

Appalling, amazing, or stunning.

“The incredible Goggled Helmet will increase your perception beyond what anyone thought previously possible, which is absolutely flabbergasting!” Or so I recall from Arcanum. A fancy word for describing the effects of new technology in the steam age? >_>

“Galactagogue”. It wins my personal award for "Word That Sounds The Least Like What It Actually Means. What it sounds like is a term from some kind of Scifi B-movie. Like, “Captain Buzz, you have a meeting with the Galactagogues at 1400 space hours.”

What is means is “a substance that induces lactation”. How 'bout that.

^ Good one. :smiley:

Zills (Noun) Small cymbals worn on the fingers that make a chiming sound, used by belly-dancers.

“Oh darn, I lost my zills…”

Please instantly springs to mind.

What is the point of living

Genome machine

Antidisestablishmentarianism, a political position in 19th-century Britain, made in opposition to a movement which wanted to remove the Anglican Church’s status as the official religion of England, Ireland, and Wales. Not many people use it in everyday conversation.

just sittin in my room shootin up wellbutrin sup wit you guyz

Hah! Touché, mister.