The Whirlpool...

<a href=“”>…Gone?</a>

I think it’s been hacked. They were making updates as of this week, and the bulletin board is still there and there was no mention made on it.

Yeah, I know, I was just there, asking for stuff on the message board a couple days ago.

Anyway, I can never be too sure, especially considering the GIA and stuff.

Well… as you see (since you were the one who asked on the bb heh), the site has not been hacked… I may be wrong, but judging they didn’t update too much lately and what’s been said I think The Whirlpool is dead :/, luckily it’s just temporal, or a joke (a bad one IMHO)…

It would be a true pain to see their great db lost.

The folks at the Whirlpool are, unfortunately, notorious for having possibly the worst sense of humor of anyone I know. That’s why their BBS is called the Attitude Barn. It’s impossible to get a straight answer out of anyone.

I was just at the whirlpool 2 days ago. If it really is dead, then RIP.

If they are dead, RPGC will just have to revive its Translation Section, expand it to include non-RPG patches too, and become the new Whirlpool.

I might even be motivated to maintain it, since there’d be an adequate reason for it to exist…

But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

EDIT: I am dead serious about this, but I’d need Cid to make an update script or something… Otherwise, it’d be a big headache to maintain…

And the security hole would need to be fixed too, I suppose, to upload stuff. >_<

And it’s back. Looks like there was a little snit happening there.

Maybe I’ll just apply to the Whirlpool when they start hiring.

Although y’all would have to put in a good word for me if I did. :kissy:

I’ll tell them about your award-winning pumpkin pie.

Tell them about my award winning screenplay I wrote for the last GIA contest where I WON GRAND PRIZE BUT NEVER GOT MY FUCKING PRIZE!!!

Stupid GIA.

As long as you’re not bitter about it!