The Watchdog...

Simple question…

In FF7, when you’re heading to the Underwater Mako Reactor in Junon, there’s a passageway that’s guarded by a dog. There’s no way in, but the game leads you to believe there is because there’s a “exit” arrow in the doorway.

And then in FF9, during your first visit to Lindblum, there’s one guarding a passageway near the church.

Does anyone know anything about this? I figure the one in FF9 was simply to reference FF7. But what was the one in FF7 for?

If you let the red sub get away, you can go back in and go through the door and get it. It doesn’t do anything and you can’t get Bahamut Zero, either. But it’s red.
Don’t know about 9 though.

To get Bahamut Zero you must have Bahamut and Neo Bahamut. Then go to the Huge Materia and claim your “prize”. For the watchdog, it is impossible to go through. Just a trick to confuse you.

Did you fail to read my post or something. If you let the red sub go, you can’t get the huge materia. It’s gone. But you can get through that door and get the red sub.
Although I’m not sure if this is the Bahamut one, damn I need to go play it again.

I always thought it was the huge materia you got from Corel that had B zero, might have been the international version only. Either way, DB and Goner are right about the dog.

Did you read our posts? He says you can’t go through. I say you can. They’re opposite. They can’t both be right.
And I’m not sure, it’s either the one in the sub or the one in the rocket for BZ. As I said, I’d have to play it again.

The BZ is in Bugenhagen’s pad IF you’re able to get it. If you didn’t too bad.

I was ferring to the part about Bahamut/Neo Bahamut. :-p And no, I did not read his post! :wink:

However, it is pretty pointless, given that the Shinra sub is actually underneath you when you start the hunt, you’d have to be extraordinarily crap to fail to get the huge materia.

…And my eidetic-ish memory reliably-ish informs me that it was the Corel materia involved with B0- as I said, though, might be different in the US version.

Are my posts hard to understand? I’m saying that if you let the sub get away, on purpose, then the Huge Materia inside will be gone and you can’t get it again so it won’t be there, but I’m not sure if you get the BZ one there or in the rocket. And it’s only there if you get it in the first place.
But on my one, it’s definitely not the Coral one, must be different.

I guess so. I don’t have the international. American. Just BZ is really cool. I don’t laugh… you?

Last time, I checked you got the Bahamut Zero materia from the one from the rocket. But then again it has been since I played that part of FF7, so I might b wrong.

Goner, what are you on about?