The voice of DEATH?

BBC radio is making a voice interpretation of some parts of the book Mort. I have this one, it’s one of my faves. So, if you wanna know how DEATH’s voice sounds, clicka below.

falls in love for DEATH’s voice and goes gathering rat blood and wood splints for you know what

edit: this is just a half-an-hour piece, seems like there will be more coming soon too.

Doesn’t seem to be loading properly for me…

If it doesn’t, then go to
Click on “Listen to Radio no. 4”
A popup will appear, and the stream will come from it. Locate a link called ‘Mort’ and click on it.

As a side note, I am frustrated. I thought Death’s voice would be “heavy enough to sink fleets of ships”, but it seems just like an old man in a closed room.

The page loads fine, but I get an error when the stream tries to load.

Ah, well. No matter.

Ditto for me. Stream doesn’t like me.

It’s RealPlayer!

Death already had a voice in the DW games. :sunglasses:

The BBC showed a bunch of cartoon adaptations of Discworld books (Soul Music was one of them). Death was voiced by Christopher Lee. He’s the man. The man.

If we want to hear what Death sounds like, we need to get Nulani to talk into a microphone.

I listened to it, Follows to book Closely, listen to BBC RADIO 4 after 11PM UK time for part 2.

You need a recent Windows Media player or click on the real media icon.

Big Nutter
Oh Bugger! I have thought up a quip for the Closing line. (Great Curse though)

This seems appropriate.

Ook! OOOooooK!

Listen to/read Mort, It is a quote from Mort. I have the book in frunt of me. and i did hear it too.

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Monkey! Whack Did any one catch the number of that donkey cart?


Watch Furi Kuri (FLCL) in Japanese: I sound like Ninamori Eri.

If you spoke in the mic you would save us the trouble of downloading a whole episode just for that.

I don’t have one.
I had, but my wonderful step-sibling borrowed it and drooled into it enough to make it short fuse. I hate family.

Get one.

Buy me one.
I want the most expensive they got!

k, send me your address ^.^

Don’t worry.
I’ll teleport it to my house using magic. *Nod, nod.