The Video Game Meaning of Liff

So, I just got “The Deeper Meaning of Liff: A dictionary of things there aren’t a word for, but there should be.” It’s basically giving words to common experiences that people think only they have but there isn’t a word for – until now. Y’know, stuff like standing in the kitchen wondering what you went there to do (woking), or the uncomfortable feeling of sitting in a chair that’s been warmed by someone else’s bottom (shoeburyness), or beating someone in a game of skill by playing so badly none of their clever strategies ever work (aboyne) …

The thing is, they’re all named after towns in various places around the world. Yes, there is, in fact, a town somewhere in England called Shoeburyness. But the whole thing came around with a game Douglas Adams and some friends were playing, where someone names a town, and someone else gives what the word means. So I got an idea for a video game version of that: doing the same thing, except with places/levels/towns from video games. The rules are very simple:

[li]The place name must be from a real game. Cite the source of the game, as well.
[/li][li]Words that already mean something aren’t allowed. (i.e. you can’t do Water Town or anything like that).
[/li][li]The definition given must adequately describe the town name.
Example: Narshe (Final Fantasy 6): (n) A marsh which is depicted in the overworld of RPGs by simply being a darker or different shade of green from the normal grass areas. In 8-bit RPGs, a marsh which is depicted by scattering cyan pixels on the normal grass areas.

Okay! I’ll start us off with: Onrac (Final Fantasy 1)

When you put the towels on a rack (any rack, towelrack or some other rack thats improvised) after a shower, and leaving it scrunched up, preventing it from being dried up.

City 17 (Half-Life 2)

Edit: Actually, rethinking this, City 17 is a hard one, Rather than assassinate this thread unwillingly I change my entry to Porre, from Chrono Trigger

Karnak (FF5) (adj) : That feeling you get when you tip your cup/bottle too far and you spill your drink all over your face.

That stae of being broke while still having a source of income.

  1. Adv. What you are when you don’t have money.
  2. N. Those things on your skin you sweat out of.

I choose Gant from Breath of Fire. Beacause it’s the first one that came to mind.

Gant (n): A messy cough in philosophy class.

Hyrule (Zelda).

The state of thinking you rule that comes from being high.

Sol (The name of the system earth is in in any sci-fi thing. Heck, may even be real, but since video game sci-fis use it, I’ll let it pass).

Sol? They used that in Colony Wars. It just refers to the solar system, our solar system.

My contribution is Boreas, another system [new League homesystem for CW2].

Have you read the thread, no less my post? I stated I knew what it was from, and Colony wars IS a sci-fi VG. And we are not finding out what the words mean directly, or where they are from, but giving them definitions, dammit.

Ugh, my first half-botched and my second not working at all. I’m out.

And I sorta meant “stuff in video games” as far as the definitions went in the first place. D’oh!

Well then let’s see if I can’t get this back to Yar’s orginal idea.

Burmecia (Final Fantasy 9)
A term used to describe the feeling of confusion felt upon seeing flying fish on land.

There we go, now someone can try Nohl (Legaia 2)

Nohl- the feeling of being absolutely knackered to the point of not being able to move, even to go to bed.

Nohl- the feeling of hollow love :spam: (from my sister)

Kerwan from ratchet and clank

A customized Dodge Caravan, also known a sex-mobile.

How about Midgar (you know from which game)?

And I sorta meant “stuff in video games” as far as the definitions went in the first place.

Midgar: (n) The final moments of a cutscene, sequence, level, or battle that has no discernible difference from the middle, thus causing you to believe that you’re still in the middle and wonder, “When will this END!?”

Here’s a fun one:
Assaram (Dragon Warrior II, NES version. I’m not making this up) :smiley:

…I ain’t touching that one.



Aww, c’mon! :smiley:

Assaram: The sore feeling you get after mooning a Ram. There, at least I chose against the much more obvious choice.

Balamb, from FF8

And I sorta meant “stuff in video games” as far as the definitions went in the first place.
Ok, let’s try again.

Balamb, a peaceful, seaside town, almost villiage-like or less.
So fuckin boring, only a chicken wuss like Zel could like that fishhole.

Miltia, from Xenosaga